Stranger Danger, not when there is a Medical Marijuana House in your area…

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If we are  asked  to report any strangers in your area to the police to call them if you see suspicious persons, cars and so on. What do the people who have a Medical Marijuana house directly across the street from them do. When day and night there are different cars pulling up, pulling out shinning their car head lights into their living room widow when they leave from buying their medical marijuana. Strange people walking up and down their street. When there is a look out at each end of the block to watch for the police. When this house had pit bulls and now has rottweiler dogs. They may be puppies now, but they will grow these two dogs are owned by the same person who owned the pit bulls that attacked a women in the summer of 2010. The same person who owns several care giver homes owns the rottweiler dogs. When was the last time you walked into a clinic and faced a vicious dog.

Not sure how this same individual can own more dogs considering his last dogs put someone in the hospital. If his business is so non violent, then  what is the need for a breed  of dog that is known to be vicious. Is he afraid of the criminal element that same criminal element that is coming into the neighborhoods of the city.  This criminal element is parking, driving, and walking on these people’s block. They do not have pit bulls and Rottweilers to protect themselves the way this “care giver” does.

Care Giver Home what a joke the city council, passed an ordinance to deal with  care giver homes in the city. Yet this home is in full operation non stop until around 10 Pm at night. The police can do nothing about it. The horn honking alone would be enough to drive most of us crazy. Add to that the nonstop traffic  on the street. How would you like a car parked in front of you house all day every day while they run in and get their medication. I do not know why the police has not shut down the house. If the new ordinance states that they can no longer operate in the city. This same “care giver” stood in the middle of the block and shouted   “I own this block.” Sad but true he does the people who live there are powerless to do anything about this. What can they do if the police can not do anything.

Why this person who claims he wants to help people; would not try to set up a system that would be respectful to the people who live on that block. For sure there are other care giver homes around the city are  all like this? This person comes across in the media as trying to find an acceptable balance, and wanting to help people. These same news papers did not go to the neighborhoods that have his care giver homes. They did not sit and watch the cars up and down the street. If a story is going to be done on this why not do a full story from every side. They interview the police, council members, and the person who is running these homes. They did not interview one person who lives in the neighborhoods that have these homes. What is even worse is many residents of the city are not even aware that this can happen right in their neighborhoods. Some people do not even know that medical marijuana is legal in the state of Michigan. They do not know that each city has to deal with this now that it is the law.

I will have to make some calls to get a better understanding of the ordinance that the city council passed.

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2 thoughts on “Stranger Danger, not when there is a Medical Marijuana House in your area…”

  1. As far as law suits go I think the City is getting bad legal advice. With people carring guns legally I think the city will promote vigilanti activity because if the police won’t do something then you force the residents to protect their own neighborhoods. We don’t want to become like Detroit where the residents have to walk the streets to protect their senior citizens and children. If other cities are willing to risk a law suit why not us? We are not strangers to law suits.


  2. The city has the power to make its own rules and regulation and hours of operation of a business and where you can locate it, but they can’t figure this one out. I think they don’t want to. It would take some effort and the help of other people on commissions and boards but It can be done. The city has the tools in place all they have to do is enforce them. This is just another ordinance they just don’t enforce. It is easier to point the finger than solve the problem. As far suing, I can’t believe the city is worried about that with Mayor Paletko in office. The residents are trying to tell you something and we did elect you to do a job. It’s not right for the residents to live this way and it is way past time something was done.


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