Let Us Play Remember When…

I would like to take you back in time just a little remember when the mayor and corporation counsel tried to make a new department head position with a starting salary of 49,000.00. Mayoral communication director that was going to be the new  department head at 49,000.00 a year plus benefits and a car and cell phone stipend. This is the mayor who is financially responsible the savior of the city. Even then the city was in trouble not only was our mayor not taking steps to prepare the city for what is happening he was looking to create new department head positions.  While city’s around us are struggling more then we might be we are still in bad shape. Several council members as far back as two years ago said that this was coming, and the mayor was not taking any steps to prevent what was to come. While  he can not prevent all of it steps should have been taken before this. He talks of a plan when he made the state of the city address. No specifics given does the plan include reducing his salary or the salary of any of his department heads? Sure it does not if he was willing to make a new director at 49,000.00 a year. Why think he would even consider doing salary cuts. Maybe the city will not have to make salary cuts, but it is important to note that he was willing to make a whole new department with a new director during these economic times.

While some here are saying that the treasurer is trying to make a name for himself I find that to be laughable sorry. If you have been watching the council meeting all these years the man does not get up on a whim and talk only when he has to does he. The first time I have ever seen him speak at a council meeting as a resident. If he was that disturbed by the numbers in the police contract we should be too. Getting up and telling the council the financial state of the city during a study session that was not televised is his job. The only reason the public saw or heard any of what happened was because the mayor was not there for the study session. He was told what the treasure said to the council off camera. Never missing an opportunity to criticize the man he made sure he did it on camera. That is the only reason the residents saw the treasure getting up and talking on camera to defend his self. So no the treasure is not trying to make a name for his self he is doing his dam job.



4 thoughts on “Let Us Play Remember When…”

  1. well when you do not have to worry about having a job or kissing the ring finger then you have titanium b–lls but that is what the danmiester lacks so bravo to our treasurer and stand with him for watching out for our money


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