Not For Public Consumption You Would Like That Right.

A council member suggested at the study session before the last council meeting that something should not be put out for public consumption. When the treasurer of the city spoke before the council at a public study session and told them that he is borrowing from water to make payroll. He spoke about the financial state of the city and was very honest and candid when he did. A council member after he was done speaking said well we do not want the public to know about this. He went on to say we do not want the press to get a hold of this. Sitting in the council chamber was a member of the press from the Press and Guide. Not a word written about it in this newspaper so no worries.

Are you kidding me we do not live in China we live in the United States Of America. Please remember that the next time you would like to hide something from the taxpayers we have the right to know every aspect of the city’s financial status.  We all are going to have to be paying for this one way or another it could be through higher taxes (hope not) or giving up services. Maybe having some city buildings closed for a few days a week. Not saying any of those things will happen just saying the taxpayers are who will be paying for it. You are upset because the treasurer would get up and tell the truth to you and to anyone who was there in the council chambers. Yet you are not a bit upset with the fact that the mayor did not tell the treasurer about a million dollars he has access to.

If that is how you want to run this city every thing hidden the truth never coming out. Then I hope you do not run for re-election if you do I will work hard and try to see that you are not re-elected to that seat. The city does not need people like you sitting on the council. The taxpayers deserve so much more from you from all of you.

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4 thoughts on “Not For Public Consumption You Would Like That Right.”

  1. Perhaps we should bring a camera? Just to tape those episodes? I’m going to start attending the meetings soon. Will look for you there!


  2. It is time to hold all elected officials in the city accountable for their actions. There is another council member that seems totally disinterested in sitting in that seat, and doing anything for the residents. The eye rolling, flipping through magazines while sitting there. You can hear it when you are in the council chamber the turning of the pages. The snotty remarks that are made to the residents when they get up to talk before the council. All of this of course off camera we need two cameras in that chamber to catch all of it.


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