It Has Been A Year

It has been over a year since the mayor told us that we would have the check register on the city web site. Yes in December of 2009 the mayor said that he was pleased to announce that on 1-1-2010 the check register would be up and running on the city web site… As of today still no check register. Not a big surprise not one person I talked to at the meeting or after thought the mayor was telling the truth.


2 thoughts on “It Has Been A Year”

  1. Responder

    I think what you are referring to was when councilwoman Van Houten noticed on a bill from the lawyer charging for discussing a settlement with another lawyer by the name of Bernard. She asked who it was and why he was discussing a settlement before he came to the council. He never has answered her until today. As it turned out Bernard is the lawyer for a former employee of the city. He is also the lawyer for our assistant mayor, and this same former employee in a lawsuit against me for writing on this blog. This is the same case that started out with several people in the city getting subpoenas last week the terms of a settlement were filed in the Hassane Jamal lawsuit no word yet on what the terms are.
    I do not agree with one thing “that no one can make the mayor do anything” for this reason. We should not have to make him do anything he should be doing it very simple it should not have to be this hard to get your government to do the right thing. It should not be this hard to have access to public information, it should not be this hard to have an open government, it should not be this hard to have your leaders tell the truth.

    Just my opinion


  2. What did you think would happen? No one can make the mayor do anything he doesn’t want to, even if he tells you he will. The BS that floats out of his throat, and we try to think that he is telling the truth. Haven’t we learned that he just does not follow through on anything that doesn’t buff his buns? Eventually, we just forget about it and move on because there is more crap on the way.
    What happened to all the lawsuit’s that were kicking him in the can? The secret payoffs, offers of payoffs, I remember you blogged about them in the past. Things are brought up, we get some blah blah blahs from the mayor, and to distract us from pushing the issues with him, some other stuff comes clanging in the door. He has not been made held accountable for so much. What about our cc? A few will stand up to him, ask pertinent questions, he trips over his tongue and then, that is the last we hear of it.
    We should make a list, keep a running list and keep on top of him to force him to do the right thing. The citizens of this city deserve much better.


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