Million Dollars Reveled!!! Per the licen...
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The mayor reveled a million dollars are there other millions That

he’s not telling us about I wonder.

At the last city council meeting on January 11, the treasure of the city and the mayor had a back and forth about the financial state of the city. The treasure said that the city has a  shortfall in the budget.  The mayor disagreed with the amount because the city has a million dollars that it can borrow from the insurance MMRMA (Michigan Municipal Risk Management.)  Well borrow would require it to be paid back. Using borrowed money to balance the budget. That is still an unbalanced budget if the residents are willing to fall for that well what can I say. Short is short if the short is 1 million off there is still a shortage even when and if the city borrows the million dollars. The treasure was never told that there was  money even if he was a responsible person would not be using those calculations to balance the budget.  Read our budget and (I have) the million dollars is not listed any place in the budget as any sort of revenue.

If that money is at the disposal of the city, why not list it as revenue? Why not use it to compute a balanced budget before the council? Not sure why the mayor does not want to let the treasure tell us what is going on in the city. Every time the treasure wants to talk about the financial state of the city the mayor wants to make him look as if he is wrong, he is off, he is mistaken. Not sure what that is all about.

The mayor is a CPA the treasure is in charge of money in this city. If the treasure is in charge of money in the city why hide something as important as a million dollars. Would  think that necessary for the treasure when he is trying to find out just how much trouble the city is in. This is not the time for this shit if there is  a problem with the residents choice as treasure of the city run for the job yourself and get elected. Other wise give up all the information and work with the choice  the residents elected and give  all the information. It is outrageous that the mayor would hide such things this is not all about you Mr. Mayor and your regularly worrying about your reputation. We need leaders not little kids playing little kiddy games. What other money does the mayor have at his disposal that he is not telling the treasure about?


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