200K What The Hell Happened To It?

In September of last year the cities hired administrator for the NSP Grant stood at the podium at the city council meeting and said that the city should be getting around 200K back in two weeks. For at least three consecutive city council meetings following that announcement it was asked if the money came in. Since then nothing no mention has been made of it since sometime in October. So what happened to it they put in for it and it was not paid that would indicate the city was turned down. Is the 150,000.00 that was submitted in December part of the 200,000.00?

If they did not get turned down then we would have heard about that 200,000.00 coming in on top of the 150,000.00. By all accounts we should be getting back 350,000.00 not 150,000.00 why hasn’t there been any mention of the 200,000.00 in months? The NSP has been active for a year and a half in that time the NSP program manager has managed to submit for 350,000.00 out of the 800,000.00 spent by the city.


1 thought on “200K What The Hell Happened To It?”

  1. If the city is being reviewed by the state, we wont see any money returned for a while. i bet they have put everything on hold
    (like reimbursement) till all the paperwork passes the “sniff” test.
    we will need to see some money soon, cause the deficit will keep growing, and writing tickets wont fill the gab either.
    with a new governor in place, who is a numbers man, will be over looking at all the cities in our state and seeing what kind
    instability is going on.
    if our city has been “red Flagged”, then hopefully the governor and his team will see whats going on in our city.


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