Pit Bulls Attack and Kill Dog…

Couple concerned with safety of children after reporting their pug is killed by pit bulls in their backyard –

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DEARBORN HEIGHTS — A local family said they are heartbroken after a neighbor’s pit bulls allegedly attacked and killed their pug in their own backyard.

Jeff and Tiffany Holcomb were vacationing with their four girls in Galveston, Texas when they got the bad news. It was Tuesday and Tiffany’s father was on the phone.

He had let out the Holcomb’s pugs, Mya and Rocky, into their backyard and later returned to find the pit bulls mauling Mya.

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Something has to be done in this city about these dogs. Jumping over a fence why are they not on a leash in their owners yard? What about kids that want to play outside in their own back yard. We need to make sure that every home in our city that has a pit bull has a sign visible from the street that a pit bull lives at that home. If they are not going to register their dog then they can have it taken from them what is it going to take for everyone to realize that this breed of dog is dangerous does someone god forbid have to die. To those of you who own pit bulls and are responsible dog owners please speak up on what you think should happen to these people who are not responsible. I know there are many responsible pit bull owners, but we are not hearing from you. You need to take the  lead on this I can not believe that you think this is ok.

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6 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Attack and Kill Dog…”

  1. The only thing it speaks volumes for is the power of unions and how the city almost always loses in any arbitration.


  2. I don’t know what to think. The lying bothers me. Whether or not the child was abused just by the accusation they are the one that is important. It sounds like both sides put the child in jepordy. What happened to the child?


  3. Anonymous

    I put it up for those who are interested in what is going on with this case. As you can see the information reported in this story came from arbitration documents. It is clear from the story that they tried to talk with everyone involved with the case. Including Officer Ed I have no problem with officer Ed, and have always liked him. If there was ever a time to tell his side of the story now would be the time. The case is over, and he is back to work for the city. If this story did not dis-close all the information in the arbitration documents. By this I am saying if they left out information that would shine a better light on officer Ed. Then please let us know what was left out of the article. The article was not kind to him, but they did call and give him a chance to talk. I am not sure if the article was unkind, or the arbitration documents did not put him in the best of light. Either way I said from day one we will have to wait and see what happens. I did, and he is back to work. So that says it all there was enough evidence supporting that he did not act in a wrong way. If there was not then he would not be back to work. The story may not have covered everything, but the fact that he got his job back speaks volumes for his side of the story.


  4. Wow. It didn’t take you long to post this one-sided smut! “Bedema” must be thrilled. Hopefully one day HIS side of the story will come out. I’m sure this is far from over! Only a few people know the REAL story! That will come out soon enough. And people are going to be very sorry!


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