Open Government only a click away

Click open, and read to your hearts content that is what you will find on many of the city’s websites that are around us. I like when I see a city’s administration is making every effort to open their city’s government up to the people. I go to many different city websites to see what those city’s have to offer in terms of information. It does not matter to me if one person or thousands are coming to that site the information should be there for them. Blocking information from going public whether that be done intentionally or just out of  laziness is unacceptable.Take a look at what I found at other sites.

Westland right on the home page bold as can be they want to get social with their residents. They are on FaceBook, Twitter, Linked In, and Nixle. Want to know about their NSP quarterly report you can find it on their web site click here. Want to see their Federal reporting quarterly report you can find that on the site to. These two links and much more under one department Community Development. Take a look at Dearborn this city is on twitter, flickr want to know about their NSP program every aspect of this program is just one click away on the site. Take a look at a quarterly report for September. One of many on the site under Development you can  click the button to( hear this) on every page of the site. Livonia offers one click to view city ordinances online you can pay your property taxes online on their web site. Livonia has two different FaceBooks on for Livonia Television and one for the Library you can sign up for Nixle with them or for their E-Newsletter. Many of the websites I went to offer an E-Newsletter including Westland. Allen Park has a page just for commercial properties available in that city. Some municipalities put up their budget in full for you to look at. Most of the municipalities around us not all have a wealth of information on their web sites.


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