More information from the police contract.

I can not copy from the PDF file so I will write what I can on pg. 24 ArticleXVII Uniform Allowance 17.1: Each police officer shall keep and maintain a set of uniforms, in serviceable condition, neat and clean, at the officer’s own expense, and shall receive additional compensation therefore, for the maintenance of same, and allowance of 1.15% two percent (2%) of that employee’s base wage payable on or before the 30th day of June annually.

Page 27 19.3:

A. In lieu of overtime compensation as provided above, at the election of the police officer, compensatory time in the ratio of 1.5 hours of compensatory time for 1.0 hours of overtime shall be allowed.  A police officer may accumulate up to one hundred fifty six (156) two hundred forty (240) hours compensatory time.

These are two examples of the crossed out wording replaced by new previsions in the contract.  Someone calling themselves anonymous commented that they have a copy of this contract and did not see this.  This information is not secret information it is public all you have to do is ask for it.



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4 thoughts on “More information from the police contract.”

  1. Private

    Thank you so much for coming to the blog.
    To imply that councilwoman Badalow has anything to do in getting a “better deal” for the firemen because her brother is a fireman is something I will not allow to go unanswered. The council has nothing to do with the contracts more than to say aye or nay when they vote to approve or not. The council is not involved in the contract negotiations for the city. The assistant mayor is the one who negotiates on behalf of the city and the residents. She is the one who is giving what ever they are getting or not getting from the city. I know that the firemen do not get nearly as much in overtime as the police do. With lower overtime being put in their DROP program the pay outs for them are far less. If you have concerns about this you should contact the mayors office and discuss them with the mayor. You might consider calling councilwoman Badalow and asking how much she influences the negotiation of any contract in the city. Most council members welcome calls and emails and will respond to them.


  2. I have heard that the last contract the firemen got approved is even better then the police….funny councilwomen Badlow’s brother works for the fire department!


  3. Anonymous

    I submitted a FOIA to the Treasure of the city with the information that I wanted you and anyone else can do the same. The information I got could only be given out after the contract was signed and arbitration was over with. That was the case with this now that the arbitration is final and contract is signed the information is public. It is done and over with does not matter if you are for or against it is the contract that the city now has with the police department. I just try to give as much information as I can to the people that come here. I would like to see more people like you involved and engaged in what is happening in the city they live in. I would like to see this whole contract on the city web site in PDF format for everyone to click on and read. It is tax payer money paying for this no reason not to have it online. That and many other things I think should be made available to everyone to look at. What would you like to see on our city website?



  4. Kathy,
    Thanks for the info, but the point I was making earlier was that usually a finalized contract is what gets put on record and is available for all to see. When things are crossed out and written in, that usually means that the paper is a working copy of a draft probably belonging to someone in the negotiations. Nobody would publish a contract with scribbles all over it. So that is why I assume you have some good connections to have a copy of the contract probably belonging to someone involved in the negotiations.

    If this copy you have (including the cross-outs and write-ins) is available for everyone to see, please let us know where to find it.



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