Honking Car Horns Lined up Cars Coming to Your Street Soon.

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This could be your street right here in Dearborn Heights if you do not pay attention. You live on a quiet street never had any problems until you started to notice cars pulling up in-front of one home. They pull up honk their car horn someone comes out and passes something to the person sitting in the car. Cars parked up and down the street going in and out of the same house. Little did you know that this house is a “Care Giver House” for medical marijuana. The State legalized medical marijuana and made it legal to sell it out of homes in the city right in your neighborhood.

The example I give is happening right here in the city.  I have talked with two women who are dealing with this every day and have been for a long time. While there is only suppose to be one caregiver to the address. This home has several that work in shifts. Looking into seeing how legal that is. One person owns this home and several others on the south end of town. The issue is coming before the city council again. The city is looking to make an ordinance to deal with the state law.

There are several homes in Dearborn Heights and at least one clinic see here. Not only that we have a delivery service just one of many. Eugene Runco who is a Dearborn Heights resident and someone who is a big supporter of medical marijuana is quoted as saying “The only thing medical marijuana hurts is a patient’s waistline,” said Eugene “Bill” Runco, founder of the Marijuana for Life Foundation in Dearborn Heights. A relative of former 19th District Chief Judge William “Bill” Runco.

Runco’s had better luck in Dearborn Heights, where he’s been working with city officials to establish a new ordinance that would allow businesses like his to operate in the city. Read the rest here Runco attempted to open up in a medical office building in Dearborn Heights. City officials told him the facility, on Warren east of Outer Drive, didn’t have enough parking to provide for students in the education courses he was offering, he said.

More recently, Runco submitted a proposal for a cannabis clinic on Telegraph just north of Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. But again, concerns about parking space derailed his plans, he said. Source: Downriver Sunday Times According to the two woman I talked with Runco is the owner of the home directly across the street from them. The same home with all the cars pulling up honking horns and parking up and down the street.

Then you have a woman who grows medical marijuana in her own home just for her son who carries a medical marijuana card. She is his “caregiver” she follows all the rules set up by the state. She does not grow any thing except for her son, she is not selling it to anyone else. No cars pulling up no disruption to the neighborhood no one is even aware of what is going on it is a private thing.  I thought that there had to be a history of a long time medical condition in-order to get one of these medical marijuana cards. The woman’s son is a long time suffer of a disease and has the medical evidence to back it up. After the state passed this law it looks like anyone can walk into the walk-in clinic and get a card.

Eugene Runco, whose pit bulls also were involved in a recent attack, is headed to trial on a number of charges.

He’s charged with two counts of dangerous animals causing serious injury, a four-year felony and two counts of allowing dangerous animals to run at large, a 90-day misdemeanor. Source:Press&Guide

I understand that many people are being helped with medical marijuana. I understand a mother helping her son, and only her son. To me that is how it should be. This woman is not looking to make any money she is just looking to help her son. How many of you want to have the type of  homes in your neighborhood that have anyone pulling up to them day and night.  I find even more disturbing that there are so many being opened up on the south end of the city. Why there what is the reason for that a house on one block and the next block over you will find another one.

This is all coming before the city council something that will affect each and everyone of us. This is one  issue that you all need to speak up about. The council will make a decision with or without your input. Maybe you would just like to have the house next to you open up as a “caregiver home”, and when you call the city to complain about it. You will be told it is to late because the council already voted on the ordinance that we now have in the city.

Call your council members ask when it is going to come before them for a vote. See what they are proposing for the city voice your concerns if you have any. Or voice your approval either way speak up and be heard or not it is up to you. If there was a time that all of us without exception are going to be affected it is on this issue. Some of you may be thinking well it will not come to my neighborhood I beg to differ it can come to any neighborhood even yours.

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12 thoughts on “Honking Car Horns Lined up Cars Coming to Your Street Soon.”

  1. Anonymous

    You are saying here that the house you live in is not a medical marijuana house. That you do not have a licensed care giver there. You are not growing Medical Marijuana in that house for any card holding medical marijuana user. I am just trying to clarify things here if you go to work all day great, but who is in the house dispensing out of it? Or are you saying that does not happen out of the house you live in. That there is no traffic no people coming and going out of the house. No cars stopping honking their car horns and someone running out of the house to pass the medical marijuana. You are living in one of the many homes I have been told are owned by your Father Eugene Runco. It is my understanding that he has bought many homes on the South End nothing wrong with that just trying to get all the facts here. If this is not a “Caregiver Home” and it is my understanding the police have been called many times. Why did the police just not tell the lady’s across the street that. That would be the end of the subject please help me understand this.


  2. Eugene Runco is actually my father. i live in the house that the people across the street that had this stupid letter put in the paper. What in the world does my Fathers buisness…and his Life have to deal with this situation? can any one tell me wat my cousin Mr.runco has to do with this? Or Pit Bull attack that happend when he was in a whole different city. That was not his fault! There is nothing illegal going on in my house! i am a young adult going to school, and working alot. That means i leave my house and go to work and get a pay check every week. im not like the ladys across the street that live of the state and stay home and watch my every move. i mean im famous when i walk out of my house, but i dont care its always been my dream to have paparazzi.


  3. If you are the one who lives in the Medical Marijuana care giver home if I understand you right have you thought about trying to talk to the people in the neighbor hood. Have you walked door to door and asked to have a meeting. Maybe you could come to some kind of understanding.


  4. I must say I am the one who lives in that house and we got cameras on it so if anyone wants to come look at them u will see no one ever comes over we r all young adults trying to live but when u got people across the street taking pics all day of absolutely nothing u will see how hard it is to live!! nothing illegal is going on in our home so please let us live ours lives.


  5. i must say i am the one who lves in that house and we got cameras on it so if anyone wants to come look at them u will see noone ever comes over we r all young adults trying to live but when u got people across the street taking pics all day of absoutly nothing u will see how hard it is to live!! nothing illegal is going on in our home so please let us live ous lives!!


  6. Anonymous

    Thank you for the information I did not know that the Planning Commission is pushing to allow this. You have a very good point why not make vicodin or oxycontin in the homes. I think the council is going to stop this from coming into the city if they do I am sure that will create a whole new set of problems to have to deal with.


  7. Call me crazy, but if it’s supposed to be “medical” marijuana, then it should be sold through the pharmacy? Isn’t that were we buy our legal drugs? If not, then why not allow people to make and sell their own vicodin, oxycontin, viagara, and whatever else they want???

    The people to blame for allowing this rediculus debate to continue in our city is the Dearborn Heights Planning Commission. They are the ones pushing this issue to allow the “medical marijuana” facilities (operated and promoted by people from other cities looking to make a buck) in our city. The City Council tried to stop it, and the Planning Commission keeps pushing to allow it. Call, write and protest to the planning commission members this rediculous and irresponsible display on their part!


  8. Have called police, nothing done, they say it’s not against the law for somone to walk down the middle of the street even when they were told how the ” stranger “was walking,acking and looking at the houses and yards. Said to call them back when or if we see them trying to brake in a house or doing something illegally. i asked them to check this one person out, was told, ” nothing they could do. same old thing. To answer your question about the other neighbors, the older ones that are at home are afraid to say anything, a very few work a real job, and the other’s are hired and want to see this, if you know what i am saying. We do have a neighborhood watch, it is to watch when the police come and relay it three blocks up the road and two the other direction. But i guess this is the price one pays living in the warmest part of Dearborn Heights, Heights, i just don’t understand why.


  9. Wolf

    Maybe some speed bumps would stop the speeding. Not really the only thing that will not this is to take it out of your area nothing else. For all the good that medical marijuana will do for the people who need it. The people who are using it who are not sick are abusing the whole law if it was me I would be calling the police the minute I saw someone walking down my street looking at homes. What are the rest in your neighborhood saying about this are any of you calling the police on strangers in the area? It is coming before the council again invite them to your home let them sit there for a day and see what is going on. Call them make sure you let them know how you feel about it. Get a petition going in your area have people sign it. You may want to start a neighborhood watch program call the police department and see how you can start something. Make sure you call and ask the council when they are going to look at this again.


  10. This would also help cut down the ones that pick up their ……. and how they speed down the street without a care in the world, disregarding speed limits, kids out playing or even just walking your dog and crossing at a cross road where there is a stop sign. Maybe its because some cant read STOP because its in English? Or maybe they should not be driving while smoking. But i do know traffic has picked up and some drive well over the speed limit, all hours of day and night. Oh and how about we are to report any strangers in our neighborhood. the foot traffic is just as bad, strangers coming and going. i have seen some that don’t know what way they are going, just walking down the middle of the street, or should i say staggering down the street. one person was stopped and was talked to by the police, said as long as he was on his medication he was fine, but said he didn’t need it so he was going off it. just hope if that happens he doesn’t go off on someone thinking they may be someone else. i have never seen so many different people in my neighborhood before all this started. i would be on the phone all day and night calling reporting strangers walking, then stopping looking at the houses and the yards, are they ( these strangers) looking for the grow house or are they looking for their next victim to make money to buy from the grow house or are they just lost on their medication.


  11. Gretchen

    That would be the best way one building with bar codes on the product, buzzers, cameras. I think that would be great no one wants their kids to grow up watching drug deals going down. I would also like to make sure that the people with legitimate health issues that are being helped by this are the only ones getting it.


  12. Let’s not take this marijuana passing to the neighborhood streets. It is not good for chilodren of any age to witness…keep it in a separate bureau or officer within the city where the “passing of dope” can be contriollled with safety and security guards.


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