Read Nothing Into It…

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At the December 14 2010 council meeting councilwoman, Horvath asked at the end of the council meeting a question to the Mayor. There where several change orders from contractors working on the NSP homes. The Mayor signed these for Agenda only. There are two different Stamps you can find on what is submitted to the council. One is Concur and the mayor signs below that. The other stamp is Agenda and his signature below that.

On these change orders, the mayor stamped with the agenda stamp and signed it. Councilwoman Horvath asked the mayor the reason for this. He said that he was in meetings and did not have time. Well the same amount of time is used to stamp agenda or concur and sign. Now is he not agreeing with what was being put before the council? He said no that was not the case and the council should not read anything into it. Was it that he did not have enough time to read them? He did say that they came in late, and he had meetings.

Ok let us take a look at that, thousands of dollars are being asked for the council’s  approval. That is on top of the original bid that the council approved. So the change orders came in at the last minute.  The mayor did not have time, so he stamps them to go ahead and be put on the agenda. Only then to find out that half of them should not have been there for change order. That was a typo. I would think that being that the mayor did not have “time” to go over them. Maybe he should have put them aside not stamp them to go on the agenda. He should have taken the time to read them and either concur or not. These should have never left his office to go forward on the agenda.

During the long explanation given, he did not utter one word did not ask one question. Even after the question was asked by councilwoman Horvath he did not object to the change orders. The only comment that the mayor had was that he needed the two homes that the council eventually approved to be approved for payoff.  Now if, you are the Mayor of this city and you did not have time to read the change orders you had no idea what it was for. Yet you as the Mayor sit silently you say nothing about the fact that your Building and Engineering Department head had no idea about the change orders. Supposedly being done under his suggestion. You have no comment as it is reveled that not all of those homes should have been there for change orders. You say nothing as it is reveled that your Building and Engineering Department did  not inspect four (4) of the homes.

Only at the end that the council should read nothing into the fact that he did not put his signature to them. I think as the Mayor of this city he should have had plenty to say about it. The Mayor according to him that would have been the first time he heard all of that. He did say he did not have time to read and concur with them. As Mayor, he should have been appalled by what was being said. Well then again I suppose he can not because he is the one who put that person in charge of the NSP Grant. He is the one who gave them the title NSP Program Manager. So maybe it is not such a surprise that he did not have anything to say.

Or maybe he did read them and realized that this would not be something that he should put is a signature on. Either way the Mayor did a disservice to us all at the December 14 2010 meeting.

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