Homes, Contractors, and No Money…

The NSP program manager said that she is not paying the contractors because the council does not want anymore money spent before they get money back. Yes councilwoman Horvath made that motion months ago to stop all spending on the NSP program. That motion did not pass. Sara our third party consultant said that we are due to get back around $800,000.00. So that means  the city spent 800,000.00 buying  homes, and I would guess administration fees. The NSP program manager is telling the contractors that they have no money to pay them. How can she stop paying for work done. When the council was told if they pass the motion to stop spending on the NSP program. That would cause problems with the NSP grant, and the city could loose the money. The council based their vote not to pass the motion on that information.

From what was said at the council meeting of December 14 2010 the NSP program manager has done just that. And guess what nothing happened. So on one hand bad information is given to the council to make sure they do not stop the spending. On the other hand the program manager can use something that never passed in the first place to stop paying.

Now that brings me to the $200,000.00 that no one is asking about. In September Sara the third party consultant said in “two weeks” the city would be getting back $200,000.00. Yet as of today nothing came back of the 200,000.00. So what happened to that money? Was it turned down did the state say no what? No one is even asking about this. If you have spent 800,000.00 and earlier you submitted for 200,000.00 than why are you now only submitting for 150,000.00. If you have not paid the contractors then you are submitting for the purchase price of the homes bought. Then why after all this time are you only submitting for 150,000.00 instead of 800,000.00.  Everyone is well aware of the fact that you do not have to wait for each home to be completed before you start sending in on (OPAL). That rule was changed long ago again I ask why has nothing been submitted for the purchase price of the homes the city bought?


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