The Best Saved for Last

The best of the council meeting was saved for last. When Newly elected councilman Apigian asked “who is in charge of this program?” Referring to the NSP program councilwoman Badalow said you are looking at her Krissy is in charge. Barely audible you can hear him say oh she is the one with no education. Then the microphone picks up “this is a  Bullshit program.” You can clearly hear him say that. The program is not bullshit but the  way it has been run very well might be.  Do not take my word for it watch the council meeting for yourself playing 3:00 and 9:00 AM and PM


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3 thoughts on “The Best Saved for Last”

  1. Anxious

    Well at the last ccm the microphones as you can hear are fixed and in working order. There was no problem hearing them that is for sure.


  2. Yes I did hear that although I agree I feel that he council needs to be more carefull with their coments as they can be heard well over the microphones . He is not the only one that was heard many times at many meetings.


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