Lead Abatement..

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Lead Abatement what is it and what is required. . If $25,000 or more federal money (ex. MSHDA down payment, CDBG, NSP) is used on the project then lead abatement is required.

Who Will be Impacted by the New EPA Rules?

Not only does the rule impact general contractors, but it also applies to any specialty contractor that in the course of work may disturb a surface that could have lead-based paint. This would include plumbing, painting, HVAC, electrical, finish carpentry, drywall, insulation and siding, as well as others.

The rule also applies to anyone working for said contractors, paid or volunteer.

What are You or the Contractor Required to Do?

The rule requires anyone doing renovation on targeted housing to be certified (Certified Renovator) and follow Lead Safe Work Practices.  These requirements would mean that:

  1. Your company/affiliate/staff member must receive certification.
  2. A Certified Renovator must be assigned to each renovation project.
  3. All persons performing work on the project must receive on-the-job training by a certified renovator.
  4. All renovations must be performed in accordance with the EPA Lead Safe Work Practices.
    1. NO pre-renovation risk assesment is required if the home is assumed to contain lead based paints.
    2. Seal the room to stop the spread of lead dust.
    3. Wet surfaces when scrapping, no power sanding or flames are allowed.
    4. Thorough cleaning of the room utilizing a HEPA vacuum.
    5. Clearance test performed by a licensed Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor.
  5. You must provide the owner and occupants of the property with an EPA Renovate Right pamphlet and obtain a signed certificate of receipt (only for renovations on occupied homes).
  6. You must keep records of compliance on all projects

Certification must be obtained by April 2010, after which you cannot perform renovations to a targeted project unless you are certified. Certifications must be renewed every three years.

There are two different certificates that contractors must have.

Memorandum from the state


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