Inkster Judge

Mayor responds to judge’s letter

To the editor:

After learning about and reading Judge James open letter to the citizens of Inkster, I thought it to be fair to address any concerns, allegations and false premises that have been brought to your attention and make them clear. Most importantly, I want residents to rest assure that this public matter is not of he said, she said; nor a political issue of residue from previous unresolved conflict. Rather, this is a financial and business matter which the city must handle swiftly and fairly.

As the city continues to make mends to grow, develop and thrive, we MUST address the way we do business. We MUST consider and carefully review all city spending and budgets. As such, the city manager, treasurer, council and I, reviewed financial standings with the 22nd District Court. Immediately, several questionable checks, missing funds, and bank accounts became overwhelmingly concerning. This is why the city manager, treasurer, council and I, launched a full investigation to fully understand the 22nd District Court spending and budgets.

First, please note, Judge James’ claim that the “Mayor hired a lawyer” is false. I HAVE NOT hired a lawyer. The fact is, city council unanimously retained an attorney to review and advise council on the financial matters of 22nd District Court. It was done to be fair and objective for all parties involved. A red flag for the attorney and city officials, were the four bank accounts opened by the 22nd District Court using the City’s Tax Identification Number without a city council resolution. It is fraudulent, akin to someone using your Social Security number without your knowledge or permission. When the bank denied the city’s request for access to the accounts, within days, the judge had the accounts closed and moved the money to another bank. To date, the city does not know how much money was moved and the judge has not allowed an audit of the court’s finances in the last three years. Moreover, the last court audit revealed several major internal financial control problems at the 22nd District Court. It remains a mystery if the judge made any efforts to implement those financial controls.

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Thanks anyway Rep Constant but I do not want to have anything to do with Inkster Courts.

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