Going out for Bid.

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At the last CCM approval was given for Community and Economic Director Ron Amen. To put the Berwyn Center restroom out for bid. The city is going to bring the Berwyn center bathroom up to ADA compliance. What is ADA, and why would the city not be in  compliance with the ADA Laws? The Dearborn Heights Commission on Disabilities Concerns has been for many years asking to have this bathroom renovated to fit the needs of the handicapped. The Berwyn  Senior Center is one of two senior centers the city has. The bathroom at this center does not meet the requirements for the handicapped. At the last meeting of the Dearborn Heights Commission on Disability Concerns. Linda Butler Chair made the announcement that she had heard this on the publicly broadcast city council meeting. Jim Nagy confirmed that yes the city was going to finally take care of it.

Linda Butler and the commission have been working for years to see this, and other non ADA compliance issues taken care of. Just how long has this been discussed with the Mayor? six (6) long years. For six years the commission has asked to have this bathroom retrofitted to comply with ADA.  Everyone at the last meeting was very happy to hear the news smiles all around. The law that all municipalities must follow states that people with disabilities should be able to go anywhere in any public building that the rest of us do.  One of those places would be a (restroom.) Private business must meet ADA laws and the building department of any city must make sure that they do before they are given a Certificate of Occupancy. Remember any place that we can enter a person with a disability should have access to.

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3 thoughts on “Going out for Bid.”

  1. you should always support the disabled. that and children.
    always should be top priority. It’s easy to overlook them
    because they can’t always be an advocate for themselves.
    It’s a real shame that this city is not following the law.
    If these people wanted, another lawsuit can come because of it.
    not suggesting one, or advocating one. Just saying they have rights too, and the city has to follow the law according to the disabilities act.


  2. John

    Sir I am so sorry, I have noticed things and I know that they have approved to go out for bid on fixing the bathrooms at the senior center.. You are right there is not enough money and I wish we had someone hired in the city just to write applications for grants there is money out there you just have to have a good grant writer.. Not sure what you title to give the person to do that. I do know there are departments in the city that do have good people writing for grant money and they seem to always get grant funds for one thing or another.. I think all of us should spend just one week in a wheelchair then maybe we could understand just how difficult it is to get around.. Most city’s are behind in what they are doing for the disabled, but they have had years to get things done, and the city has not always been financially strapped. When there is money to do things the disabled are put on the bottom of the list of priorities of most city’s. When the city and the state get through this latest financial melt down we have to make sure that this time everything that needs to be done for the disabled in this city are on the top of the list.


  3. I was injured and could not walk for 2 years. Being in a wheelchair can be a living hell when you need to get into a building. Have you ever been to the Joe Louis Arena or Cobo Hall? Have you ever been to many places in Ann Arbor and around the university? There are many places that are still not up to code for the disabled. Part of the problem is MONEY. You have to have money to rebuild a structure, even a bathroom. Money is scarce (remember the recession we have been in since 2006) in most of the cities, not only in Michigan but also throughout the world. Maybe, someone could try to get a grant to fix this bathroom problem at the senior center. Oh, have you tried to cross some of our roads in a wheelchair lately?


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