City officials back away from pit bull ban

DEARBORN — Facing a mobilized and well-organized opposition, city officials announced Thursday that a plan to ban pit bull terriers is off the table.

Instead, current dog control codes will be overhauled to a two-tier system that will have more teeth and come with tougher enforcement.

The new classification for nuisance dogs is “dangerous,” and adds to the existing “vicious dog” classificatio

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2 thoughts on “City officials back away from pit bull ban”

  1. Pitbulls are commonly (poorly) bred by drug dealers to use as “security” for their drugs in their homes/dispenseries. I believe others on here commented that one of the recent dog attacks involved an owner whose house is known by the neighbors to be a drug house. Maybe we can’t outlaw the dogs, but strict regulations must be strictly enforced. The enforcement thus far by the city has been a joke.


  2. Well if this is how the city is dealing with this problem then maybe the city should take full responsebilty if I have lived here 45yrs and never saw a pit bull till these last couple of yrs . Yes in Detroit I did but not in dearborn hts. Why ? Is this city so not safe that those are the only dogs for security ————If people feel scared of living here get a security system put to their home that is alot safer.


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