Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade yes it is that bad…

At the last, ccm (city council meeting) the microphones did not work or councilwoman Badalow did not. That was bad enough, but as many  might know the council meeting did not run over the weekend because, wait for it. The tape deck was not working. Well what in the hell are we still using a tape deck for, we are in the year 2010 and soon to be 2011. Heard of CD heard of digital, and for the love of god can the city spend some of the media money we are getting from AT&T, WOW, and Comcast to do some upgrading of equipment. Is it too much to ask to have some new mics. How about a new table for the council to sit at. How about renovating the whole council chambers?  One council member would like a 12 foot screen in the council chambers. Nice thought but, we could start with new mics.  We first have to get mics that work. New recording equipment, and a host of other things that need to be taken care of in the city.

One bright light if what I hear is true the city is looking into outsourcing the city IT with Dearborn. This should have been done yesterday the city needs to get their *#&^ together here in the city. Can I just make one suggestion please ask the residents to participate in this. By this, I mean ask for their input what would they like to have on their website. Just take a look at Dearborn Website, and then take a look at ours we can do so much better.

Please fill out the form with what ever ideas you have for our city website. The website is just part of the IT deficiency.  What ever you would like to see on the website what would you like to pay on the city website. What permits should be available on the site? Maybe city council meetings on the city website? Do you want the city council agendas packets on the website? What ever suggestion you might have  just leave it in this form. I will make sure it gets to the people who will take them into consideration.


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