The Tools should already be in your toolbox.

Why are we paying for something that a company that we hired should already know?  Months ago a bill was submitted to the council from the company that we hired to consult for us on the NSP grant. This bill was for training on OPAL this is the system used to submit for reimbursements from the state. We hired this company who is selling their selves to us as experts who are knowledgeable in NSP.   One of the tools that are a must for them to know is the OPAL system. So why are we being hit with this bill? I believe if memory serves me the amount was 6,000. This tool should be in their toolbox they have no business billing us for something they should all already have a working knowledge of. If they did not know the OPAL system, what were they doing selling their services to us in the first place.  Why did the city pay for something they should have known already? How many other city’s do they have contracts with received a similar bill? Come on guys lets take a look at this. I think we should ask for a reimbursement from this company.

On that same subject  how many people in the city working on the NSP grant have taken any OPAL training? How many hours have been logged for OPAL training if any. I think this is a very important question to be asking. If the third-party consultants are screwing up so bad on the NSP grant, should the city spend that $6,000 to send our own people for OPAL training?  Good way to say money you would think so anyway.


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