Water Meter Mystery or Not…

Water meters are a prerequisite for accurate, ...
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At the November 9 2010 city council meeting my husband talked to the council about our water bill and how high it was $465.00 for two months. He asked them to come out to the house and take a look at it. Well this morning I got a call from the water dept and we scheduled an appointment for 4pm this afternoon. The poor people waited for me I did not get home until 4:15pm they were kind enough to wait. Again I would like to say I am so sorry for that. He came in to the house we went right to the monster meter drinking all that water.

Well here is the scoop I looked at the big red arrow that spins around. It did not move so I thought there was no leak. First that is not the one you want to look at as he showed me there is on the left of the dial a diamond shaped smaller red thing you look at. This is called a Leak Indicator newer meters have this. If that moves there is a leak. Well it moved on to the bathrooms we moved one by one. As we did this he told me in most cases it is a toilet that is drinking all that water when the flap gets worn out.

Light bulb moment for me because I then told him that the toilet upstairs was making a funny sound, but I did not think anything of it. He said let us take a look we did and sure enough he said that would most likely be the reason for the high bill. Now would it account for 3 times higher only one way to find out replace the flap and wait and see.

Again thank you guys so much for waiting for me and thank you for all the information you gave me. They do have a print out at the counter for anyone who wants one. Gives step by step instructions on what to look for. Just a thought maybe someone could put that up on the city website might be a little easier for everyone to get a copy of it. Will try to copy the one left with me and put it up here.

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