Taxpayers saved some money…

The mayor at the November 9 2010 made the announcement that he had finished up talks with the county about an outstanding bill with them. As some of you might know we pay the county for the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) of the city. The bill was at $900,000.00 the mayor brought it down to a little over $700,000.00 .This is the bill we get from the county for using the sewer.  We will be handling our CSO in the near future this the mayor says will greatly reduce home owners bills. I do not have any information why the bill was not paid for the past 2 years.

I am sure there is a good reason for this. It is no secret that there has been problems with the county and city for years.  Some of us find it a little suspicious that the last time we had a flooding event in the city. Many people reported the water just started to drain so fast like someone pushed a button or pulled a leaver. Just like removing the plug from your bath tub. This is how many who had standing water in their basements describe what they saw as the water started to drain.

If bring the operation for CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) will help with the flooding in the city I am all for it. If the mayor can find a company to do this for us at a cheaper rate again all for it. Will be very interesting to see who we get.


2 thoughts on “Taxpayers saved some money…”

  1. How much you want to bet it will be wade trim. They use the same old people. They don’t even put the bid out so it is fair to everyone. City Council is just as much to blame as the Mayor. There isn’t much fair in Dearborn Heights. I wonder how much our Census has droped since 2000. I know there are more rental houses than we have ever had. I wonder now since the city has paid the County, how many basements will be flooded? Don’t tell, it’s a secret.


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