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  1. Titanium Lips

    Just let me say I know it is a serious subject, but your name is a killer I can not stop laughing. I agree with what you have said I would like more people to come to the city council meetings and ask questions. Thing I am going to go for is having the Agenda packets online after what I heard from people while I was campaigning the people think the council and the administration are hiding things from them. This is why they will not put them up on the city website for all of us to see. I told everyone that the council is not trying to hide anything from us and they are more than willing to do it. They can this is a council meeting not the Dan Paletko show. This is their show all they have to do is call the council secretary and have her put all of the electronically generated documents in PDF format and post it as a package on the website. All the documents contained in the council packet are generated from a computer can be saved and sent in an email to her. The mayor can send them all to her after he has signed off on it. This is the prerogative of the council does not need the permission of the mayor or anyone else for that matter to do it. One call and it would get done this is taxpayer money paying for each and everyone of these fund transfers we have the right to see what it is all about. You me all of us have the right to see down to the penny how much each and everyone of these lawsuits is costing us. We have the right to understand why they are asking for a study to be done in the city. For what ever they ask to have studied we have the right to understand the reason why.


  2. This is my first time posting. I have been reading the blog, as well as newspapers, and other media, including watching the city council meetings for a long time. I have been surprised and appalled at what I have seen and read. Here are some of my thoughts at random:
    Why does our Mayor seem untouchable by anyone who goes against him? Whether he is facing his accusers or dreaming about it, he is untouchable.
    It seems that no one in position knows much about the laws/rules concerning Federal Grants. NSP, K,Kramarz, whomever or whatever, the Mayor has control over it. He is aggravated by the utter thought of someone going over his head to contact a dept for answers, a council person who had the audacity to question what the Mayor said, which is her job, finding out the facts and representing the citizens.
    And how dare the Mayor raise his voice to the council and of all things, take his dept heads and walk out on a meeting, a meeting designed to alert the citizens through council. THe average citizen coming to the podium, actions set forth at council meetings to include the citizens. Even though it is but three minutes, they absolutely have the right to speak, without having the mayor take his ball and go home.
    Does he forget who voted for him? Does he forget WHY he was voted in? Does he forget who pays their taxes so he can cash his salary check as the employee of the citizens?
    What is wrong with putting up a website for our city that shows how we are served? Yes, put up the check register, yes put up the “packet” that council gets before the city council meeting. If council is restricted, the citizens are restricted, and the people voted in to represent us are powerless.
    The Disability Commission has filed suit through the Dept of Justice, after trying to work with the mayor and the dept heads on bringing the city up to ADA compliancy for several years. These laws, Federal Laws, have been in effect since the early 1990’s. This is for all citizens and visitors, and it is according to laws that have been in effect for twenty years. This is just another area where the Mayor has deemed unimportant, so the rest of the administration feels it is unimportant.
    Why can’t he just stand up, work for the citizens, do what he is supposed to do, what he was voted in to do, and stop all his petty activities. And concerning his lawsuit about the activities in his office, when did he have time to do that, and if he didn’t, why didn’t he stand up and show us he had used his time in his office in conjunction with city business?
    Ok, that is enough for today. Thank you for giving me an avenue to speak out on.


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