Remember when it was less then one hundred thousand…

Remember when there was less than one hundred thousand dollars spent on the NSP. That was back last year when Zouher Abdel-Hak first brought to light the NSP program. Zouher Abdel-Hak brought a claim to the council asking them to investigate at that time charter violations and problems with the way the NSP program. At the time, the city had spent less than $100,000.00.

Now hit the Fast Forward Button the city has spent over $800,000.00 Not a penny back now HUD has red flagged us big surprise. With just a little for-site, the city may not be in this position. If the council had done the investigation, might be a totally different outcome. Let us not forget that not one dollar has come back to the city. This grant is designed to keep the money coming back to the municipalities every seven to ten days. This is unacceptable by any standards it is all so unacceptable to keep blaming others for the mismanagement of this program.

The council who never had this grant before them never looked at the procedure set out for buying properties in this city. The council never approved the mayor to sign the grant with the state. The council never approved the assistant mayor to run the program on behalf of the city. These are a must these are the first two things that the state asked before the grant is  even awarded. In short, they had no part in how the grant would perform they are now trying to understand what has happened.

It is true where there is smoke yes there is fire. After spending $800,000.00 Now they are going to try and put the fire out.


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