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Make our city Government Open
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Wondering what the Good News is? So am I. Last December the mayor announced to the residents that the check registry was going online on the city web site on 1-1-2010. Great, Fantastic ah where is it we are November and we are still waiting. Have not heard one member of the city council say a word about it. I know before you all blow a nut sure they have a lot to do. Ok does not take too much to ask why it is not up there yet. Maybe they have just gotten  use to being told things, and they never see the light of day. Not a big surprise for this administration it does what it does best, and they get away with it. For years Councilwoman, Janet Badalow tried to get it on the city website. I think she finally just gave up.

That brings us to the crucial question why would the administration not want the taxpayers to see where their money spent. In an open government, a truly open government, this is done. It is a way to get your residence engaged in what is happening in their city. I think it would be a no brainier put it up and let us look. Why does this administration make everything that has to do with open government so hard. What do we all have to go in and ask to see it at city hall? Maybe we are suppose to file FOIA every month.

Come on Mr. Mayor push the button and let it go up do what you said you were going to do last December.

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