Man Up, Clean it Up, Or Shut Up…

Facing ones accusers, the mayor stated that he would like to confront his accusers at the October 12 city council meeting.  The mayor made this statement when two residents talked about getting something in the mail going after the mayor. I  received something in the mail going after the mayor about certain things that happened in his office. I agree 100% the mayor should face his accuser, and they are just down the hall from him at city hall. Over a year ago he should have faced these accusations.

When the rumors first started coming out over a year ago never even gave it a thought. Never ever believed them, not for one second, Just thought it was hearsay. Same dirt  heard from any work place. When ever someone would tell me this would just say oh get out of here with this crap. Then we get something in the mail court documents indicating that indeed the rumors are more than just rumors. There is something behind all this buzz or what were thought to be gossip.

Well mayor what are you waiting for what have you been waiting for all this time? Why let things go this far? Why not from the very moment, this was alleged call a government agency?  Have your computer  examined. Why was this person not put on administrative leave pending a full investigation into the allegations? Why has this person never been sued for these false  allegations the  claim is they are false.  These allegations have now found their way into court documents. These are the steps an innocent person would have taken within hours of a formal complaint filed against them.

Instead, what has come to light this person moved to a different department because she could not handle what was going on in your office as she alleges. When that did not work out this person, threatened to file a lawsuit in the circuit court.  Instead, the mayor gave them the same salary they were getting in your office for a job that was not at that pay grade.

($13,000.00 more) To make matters worse everyone in  the department got a raise to make it fair. To keep everyone happy, to make sure no one would raise the flag. All of this right under the watchful eye of the city council again using taxpayer money to put this (big, ugly monster) in the box. This stayed hidden for a long time from the public a federal lawsuit exposed this. The mayor said that the documents are false documents from what I received  they most certainly did not look false. If he is referring to the same thing that came to my house.

So who is at fault For sure not the taxpayers, taxpayers, who are paying for this mistake with salary increases for positions that never before had that salary.  The mayor who failed to take care of this mess from the onset. Crying to the public now, is not what the mayor should be doing. Crying about how this is all untrue why not conduct the investigation the way you should have. The mayor put his self in this position. The residents have nothing to do with this except, we are once again left holding your bag of garbage. The residents denied the truth, we the people  denied the investigation that should have taken place over a year ago.

I have to add some part of me still does not believe it to be true. Some little part of me hopes that it is not. Until the mayor wants to clean this mess up once and for all, we will all be left with unanswered questions. The mayor, until he decides to conduct the investigation will have to carry this around his neck.

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