Could we just take one step back…

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At last nights  city council meeting the NSP program brought up by Ray Muskat. Mr. Muskat asked did the city get  any NSP money? “NO”, the mayor goes on to ask the comptroller to get up and let us all know the reason why.  Why we are not going to be getting any money now. Well the new reason is someone reported us to HUD, and they red flagged us so, we will not be seeing any money any time soon. That is what the comptroller said last night October 26 2010 now let us take a step back. Months ago city told in two weeks we would get some money back. Long before this audit, and red flagging. For Over one year, the city has been spent money close to 800,000.00 to date. Nothing has come back… long before someone reported the city to HUD. First it was Sara then it was Jason now the reason is ” the city reported  to HUD”. Can we just stop the bull for one second over ONE YEAR and no money. No, Mr. mayor that is not justification for not getting the money back. Mayor your decisions are the reason this city is out $800,000.00. The rest of the 1.6 million has been committed. Can the cities budget manage this?  I do not think the city can. I have looked at the budget, from what I see there is no way we can keep spending taxpayer money. The city can not keep spending on this program without getting money back the way the program was designed.

Redford, Livonia, and Dearborn are running remarkably successful NSP programs money going out, and money coming back. All of these city’s NSP grant programs are ran by qualified people in departments that are already set up to handle such things. Why not Dearborn Heights why is this program , not in the CEDD, (community and economic development department)?

An audit, that led to the city getting red flagged well this is not a big surprise. This program has not been in compliance from the moment the mayor signed it without the approval of the city council. Rule number one violated. The council’s been gagged and tied with fear of losing  money. When the council tries to get to the bottom of this. They are met with veiled threats that the city will loss the money if something is said. Do not rock the boat we will not get the money back if you say something. Maybe now with the state taking apart the running of this program. Maybe we will eventually find out the real reason why this has happened.

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12 thoughts on “Could we just take one step back…”

  1. Anonymous

    If you are referring to me, I do not speak with a fake accent I do speak a second language. As for mailings I have never in my life sent out a mailing nor do I know who sent it. As a matter of fact I find the whole subject disgusting and insulting to the whole city and the office of the mayor. We received those insulting documents just like everyone else who was unfortunate enough to get that mailing. I never said there is a perfect being I have always said that I am the first to make mistakes and can do things wrong. I am not perfect. I do not expect anyone to be perfect. I do expect someone to clean up their own mess do not blame others for your wrong doing or mis-use taxpayers money to go after people without evidence.
    If elected to city council I will only do what is good for this city and I will work for the residents and only the residents of this city. I will work with whom ever for the betterment of our city. As for saying they are doing nothing right look at the subject that is being talked about here on this blog and on the council. That project is not being handled properly as is evident in the fact that we still have not received on dime back from the State Of Michigan. That is my opinion and many others in the city.
    Some will say that I should not let your comment go up because it is against me. I say everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter if you are for me or against me at least with me what you see is what you get.


  2. I hope and pray that the slandering imbecile who sends out defaming mailings and speaks with a FAKE accent, despite the fact that their native language is English, will not be in charge of making major decisions for the city. The “look at what they’re doing wrong” is all that this person is capable of saying, are they doing absolutely nothing right in your eyes? There is no such thing as a perfect being, or perfect establishment. We all make errors. Get off of your high horse and join the human race!


  3. Anonymous

    We are not out the money yet…..There is obviously some problem going on why else would we not be able to get money back for over one year. Months back one of our third party consultants said that she was getting the missing paper work together to submit on OPAL and with in two weeks we should start seeing our money come back. How many documents are missing…we go from that to know they (HUD) is coming in to go through everything. We do not know what this investigation is about why it was started according to they mayor this is because of one phone call. That is hard to believe considering we have not seen a dime back for over a year. According to the city website Krystina Kramarz is in charge of the NSP. We will just have to wait and see hopefully HUD will be able to find out what the problem is. After the problem is identified and corrected the money will start coming back into the city’s general fund.


  4. Ridiculous……How are we going to re-coup this money? Are we just out the money? Do we have any recourse? Who is responsible?


  5. We shouldn’t presume we know everything about this situation. Maybe the CEDD department director doesn’t want to run this NSP program yet. Maybe there are some added benefits to running it from the mayor’s office. Maybe there’s another reason. For what it’s worth, that’s why we elect people, such as the mayor, and I trust his judgement. I am not 100% happy with the outcome so far, but I can imagine there are many factors that can lead things astray, such as poor consultants (who are paid to do all the work for the mayor’s office to sign-off on). Let’s work with our leadership rather than constantly throwing stones at them. I don’t want to see Dearborn Heights turn into another Detroit city government circus.


  6. CuriousHeights

    NO NO No I am not say anything of the sort I am saying it could be anyone or many no one knows who called. Councilwoman Horvath is not the only one asking questions about NSP all our council members are concerned about taxpayer money and making sure it gets back to the city. That is all I am saying.


  7. Anonymous

    I appreciate your opinion on how the CEDD was handled in the past that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I do not happen to agree with it. I try my best to make sure that all opinions are posted here. I wish the new CEDD the best of luck we can all agree that we want the best for the city. I am in full support of his new appointee that is why me and many others are asking him to run the NSP. If we did not have full confidence in him myself many of the council members, and many residents would not ask for the program moved to the CEDD department. I am agreeing with them I think our new CEDD director is more than capable of handling this grant. They do handle the CDBG grant, so why not the NSP? It looks like we have more confidence in his new appointee then does the mayor.


  8. So you’re saying a City Council member who asked lots of questions could have called HUD? That would lead us to believe Councilwoman Horvath did it. I don’t think she would do such a thing.


  9. I have no idea who reported the city to HUD I would like to remind you that we did not get money back for over a year. My point is the mayor should not be using this to say this is the reason for us not getting our money back. I blame the mayor for making the decision to put the NSP in his office in the first place. If you would like to know who reported the city to HUD go back over the past couple of months and watch the city council meetings to see the people who have asked questions, the council members that have expressed their concern for the way the NSP program has been handled. Not to mention the many residents who I have talked with who are very concerned with the fact that the city has not gotten its money back. There is no way that HUD would stop the money over one phone call please do not be so naive there has to be much more then that. I do not blame everything on the mayor I think there is plenty of blame to go around. Starting with myself for not paying more attention as a taxpayer and asking more questions long before I did.


  10. I have been following this situation for a while now and I see several inaccuracies in your reporting of it. However, the most obvious one I’d like to point out is that you claim “An audit, that led to the city getting red flagged…” That is not true. A HUD investigation did NOT come from an audit. An individual had to contact HUD and make accusations.

    I ask you, who has the motive and contacts with HUD to do such a thing? Who is that familiar with the HUD beaurocracy? Hmmmmm……

    Btw, when they set up this NSP program I wouldn’t have trusted the CEDD department to wash my car right, let alone run another $ program into the ground. Our economic development in this city has been at its lowest ever thanks to the people who were in there. Kudos to the mayor for getting rid of the poor leadership, now we expect him to make sure his new appointees can get the job done! And we need to support them, not play petty politics!


  11. Well, this is a suprise. It’s a surprise that he is going to have to answer to somebody for his actions. He is going to run out of people to blame things on. It is to bad he doesn’t listen to his City Council with a few bad decisions he is making. The NSP isn’t the only thing that is going to cost the City money. Time will tell.


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