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What is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) protects the right of people with disabilities to have equal access to the basic institutions and services of state and local government. A primary goal of the ADA is to bring people with disabilities into the mainstream of the American economy including access to shopping, dining, recreation, and business and leisure travel. It prohibits discrimination in educational and work-related environments faced by many people with disabilities.

On the city website, there is  a survey that the mayor’s office is asking the department heads to take. Not sure why this was placed on the city website, the residents are not asked to participate in the survey. After seeing that and opening the survey, I started thinking about how much do I and the rest of  the residents know about the ADA. Started asking my self is the city disabled friendly? Are we insuring that every one of the disabled residents needs are being met?

Take ,for example, the government channel some of the announcements  read out loud others are not. What about the people who are blind? They should be able to hear what is being posted across the screen. Do all  public buildings have handicap access? What about the painted cross walks in the parking lots leading up to public buildings. What about the curb cuts for wheelchairs they are suppose to be painted so they can be seen. How much do we know about the law for the disabled first to admit that I do not know as much as I should. Linda Butler  chair for commission on disability concerns for Dearborn Heights said we have around 3,000 disabled  living in our city. I would ask that each one of us take just a few minutes click on the link above and read. Next time you see a sidewalk that does not have a curb cut, so a wheel chair can navigate to the other side. Ask yourself honestly how are they suppose to stay on the sidewalk if they can not get on it. Does that mean they have to go out into the street hope not how dangerous is that?  Reading on the ADA site has opened my eyes to many things. I hope the city is doing everything it can to make sure that government buildings and business are ADA compliant.

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