Jury Contamination..

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At the October 12 city council meeting, there was discussion about the possibility of the jury pool  contamination. There was a man who was referring to something he received in the mail. Some  papers, that according to him went after the mayor beating up on the mayor. Now remember no one asked what the mailing said no one on the council told the viewing public what information the documents  contained  sent to this man. This left most of us who watched the council meeting confused. This person claimed that by sending out these papers who ever is doing it, could be corrupting the jury pool. The jury pool for a lawsuit against the city, and the mayor.

The mayor agreed with him on the spot, said that is absolutely correct. The fact that the Down River Sunday Times wrote about it, or Press and Guide news newspaper wrote about it never even mentioned.  The mayor did not say a word about these two newspapers possible corrupting the jury pool. I mention these news papers because the mayor refereed to a disgruntled employee and the contamination of a jury pool in and up coming case against the city. These two news papers wrote about the case.   Now if, the mayor would like to start talking about corrupting a potential jury pool, start with the papers. The news papers  broke the story. Both papers refer to the same court documents filed in a federal lawsuit. Not a word from the mayor at the council meeting referring to those media outlets corrupting a jury pool. No mention at the city council meeting about the mayor going after the news papers, to prevent them from writing the story. I did not hear him say he is going to federal court to suppress the news papers.

The mayors augment galls short, the news media discusses cases all the time. Local and national news media outlets discuss up coming cases all the time. I do not hear mention of jury contamination when the news media reports on an on going case. If that is the argument media outlets in this country better stop all reporting on any pending case.

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7 thoughts on “Jury Contamination..”

  1. For the two that are looking for the case you forgot to put that this is in Eastern Michigan Federal District Court. Anonymous you might have been at the wrong court I made that mistake the first time I went looking. Anonymous number two thanks for putting the case number you are right there is so much to read I had to make two trips. All the documents are there in the lawsuit allegations made against the mayor by an employee still working for the city.


  2. Anonymous

    Case 2:09-cv-13903-BAF-MJH

    Hassane Jamal vs. Daniel Paletko and the city of Dearborn Heights

    I found it just by giving the name then I wrote down the case number to keep with me after I sat and read. Took a lot of my time, but I felt it was worth it to find out the truth for myself. I say to everyone you should find things out for yourself.


  3. What court did you look at? Also, can you share a case number? I checked it out too and didn’t find anything. Please share.


  4. We received something in the mail about the mayor at first was not sure what it was all about. I decided to find out for myself did just that, here is the long and short of it. These are real documents they are filed in a lawsuit that is on going with the city. I saw them when I went down town to look.
    Next made some calls to find out for myself if the person is still working for the city. Yes they are no more needs to be said. If this person was not fired for what is being described as false statements against the mayor there must be a reason. Then I found out that the position that this person has now was depending on who you talk to $13,000.00 to $20,000.00 less a year before this person took the job.
    Not fired moved from the mayor office to a job that was at a lower pay grade. Pretty clear what happened here I now know all I need to about this and found it out for myself. I suggest all of you might like to do the same thing. Just wonder what part the city council played in all of this. The one I talked with said they did not know any of it. I find it very hard to believe that they did not hear anything.


  5. While I agree that spreading lies about people is wrong and should be stopped, there is also the possibility that someone is trying to inform the citizens of certain events that are happening in our city. I have heard all the rumors about the Mayor and his assistant, porn on his computer (this was also reported in the Press & Guide) and that he ordered the former employee to break rules concerning NSP money. The bottom line is…is the mayor handling the NSP program properly??
    Anyone who goes to or watches the city council meetings can clearly see that the person he appointed to run the program (Krissy Kramarz his assistant) is not running it properly. She is also never at the meetings to answer question or concerns, and most of the city council doesn’t seem to care. The mayor wants to push blame off on McKenna Associates and Sara, because he wants to protect his assistant. But why do we need an outside agency to run the NSP if she is indeed the “NSP Director”??? This is a multimillion dollar federal program, and if you ask what her qualifications are you will find that she has a high school education and was the daughter of one of the mayors friends. She is also paid $60,000 a year (check the city budget online) with full benefits…who do you think pays this???.
    This is cronyism and unacceptable behavior for the Mayor of our city. How dare he put unqualified people in charge of such a large and important program and then have to hire an outside agency and spend even more money to help her because she almost lost the city millions of dollars.
    Talk to city council members and you will see that the program is not being run correctly and we are out almost a million dollars so far. The program was supposed to be used to “fix up” run down properties and help stabilize property values (neighborhood stabilization program…hello!!!) and most feel that it is not working under the current management. Look into what the city is doing, who is running what, how much they are getting paid, and how these programs affect you as a resident.

    If you get mad enough…and fed up with how your tax dollars are being spent or misspent… and you think that your elected leaders should be held to a higher standard than a regular person…you may just decide to inform others of what is going on in our city…if you want to turn a blind eye and believe that everything is fine and our Mayor is perfect, then enjoy your delusion while it lasts


  6. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for coming to the blog. I received one of these mailing myself you are right there was no lawsuit filed in the courts. These documents from what I have read in the news papers and have seen from the mailings are documents filed in a former employees lawsuit. The documents are not false and the lawyer who’s name is on them said that they are allegations he was interviewed in I think the Press and Guide News Paper. The lawyer is the one who gave these documents to the lawyer of the former employee. If we are talking about the same documents, not sure what has been sent out I received one mailing documents had law firm names and so on. Smear campaign or not the mayor should have cleaned this up long ago. Not sure what the election has to do with all of this the mayor is not running for re-election so I do not think the election has anything to do with this. As for the employee who lost their job, that case is in the court system, and will be decided by a jury.


  7. I feel that these anonymous mailings are stupid. I have not received one, but some of my friends and neighbors have. It is just a smear campaign against the mayor. The information contained in them are lies. For example, one spoke of a lawsuit that was supposedly filed against the mayor — but if you check into it, the papers in the mailing were FALSIFIED and no such lawsuit was filed with the courts.

    My opinion, having followed this for a while now, is that it’s all too convenient that such things go out just in time for the election. This subversive BS needs to stop. A bad employee got fired over a year ago and he and his close friends are pissed off and seeking revenge on the mayor….get over it already!

    I sure hope they trace the mailings back to the sick people behind it.


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