What to do about Pitbulls.

Pitbull - Kim
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After the Pitbull attacks what should the city do? The question everyone is asking, the city spent a long time coming up with the exceptionally good ordinance that we have now. However, an ordinance is only good when enforced. I think for starters not knowing what house in your neighborhood has one of these dogs is a problem. There has to be a sticker given out when animal  register your animal with the city. That sticker must be placed in a visible area from the street.  Animal kept behind a fence, but the animal can not be kept outside at all times. Residents need to start reporting to the city or the police department if a pit bull lives in their neighborhood. Furthermore, when any animal left in a back yard day after day on its own they may become more aggressive. Having the owner have to attend and obtain certification from obedience classes, extensive training for the animal and owner. Pit bulls are not a breed of dog for everyone the owner should have to prove that they are a responsible owner. These are just some suggestion that is if the city does not decide to ban them all together. One thing is for sure there will have to be a lot of studying and discussion before any decision can be made.

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