The Players have not changed.

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Remember this back in October of 09

To everyone who contributes here by posting, or by commenting the message below was left by the attorneys for the Mayor. We have been told that we have to stop less than one week into this blog.  Because we are exposing what is going  on in the city. It is up to each of you to  decide  for yourselves. Please Read Below Carefully.

My name is James Acho, and my father Ronald and I–along with our firm, Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho–represent the City of Dearborn Heights and Mayor Paletko in the Hassan Jamale lawsuit. I have had the opportunity to view some of the shameful posts and comments on this blog, and I am placing every one of you on notice: we are in the process of unearthing who runs this blog, and who is posting. Legal action will be taken against anyone posting defamatory (by the written word it is libel; by the spoken word it is slander) and libelous comments about Mayor Paletko and individuals who work in city government for The City of Dearborn Heights.

The fact that people in this country have 1st Amendment rights is a wonderful thing. And people are certainly entitled to their opinions. Nevertheless, when mistruths and deliberately innacurate statements are made/posted about individuals under the cloak of anonymity, that crosses the line. And that’s also when attorneys get involved. I have seen some terribly innacurate, hurtful, and harmful posts and comments made in this forum, and I am warning whoever is doing same to cease and desist. If you have the courage to discuss this with me in a non-anonymous fashion, feel free to call me at 734-261-2400 and we can discuss any issues you might have.

James R. Acho

The players are the same, but the lawyers have changed. This blog has been up for one year. I thought it would be a, excellent Idea to look back at just what happened within the first few weeks of this blog conception.

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8 thoughts on “The Players have not changed.”

  1. Acho is a bully and he knows he cant do anything…”turn yourself in” blah blah blah…whatever. Hey Acho, why dont you read the constitution! No one is saying anything that isnt reported in the newspapers.
    If the Mayor was innocent then he wouldnt have anything to worry about. If the Mayor had any respect for the residents he would resign the same way Canfield did! We deserve better of our leaders.


  2. Number 1—-What happened to freedom of speech?????I am sure that anything that has been said in this blog the people who have said it will say it publicly,I know I will. We pay our taxes so we do have the right to have a say so of how our tax money is being used the city heads seem to forget who is paying their wages———–WE ARE THE CITIZENS. We should not be told what we can say and not say without being threatened.


  3. It is sad I hope this will not be the city of the future in its current form anyway. We do have a great future we just have to change things up, move some things around, and replace the bad with something good. If we all work together we can make it happen. People are no longer silent and that is something this administration has relied on all this time. The silence of the people no more things have changed, and people are demanding answers, and they want the truth.


  4. Along came a spider and…Will you know the rest.. Wecome to Dearborn Heights. The city of the Future……………


  5. Wondering

    When that came on the blog all most a year ago this month I was so surprised, I never thought the Mayor would try to do something like that. I all ways thought he would take the opportunity to come here to the blog, and write something. If I am not mistaken I think he has been invited to come here on more than one occasion. For that matter all are welcome to come here, and give their opinion
    if you have been coming here you have seen all comments in support of this blog or not have been posted. We should all stand up and be counted we should all participate in the process. Closing the residents out, denying them access to the city, or denying them the opportunity to speak out in what ever form they want to, is against everything that this country stands for.
    I think it is our responsibility to speak up when we see our government doing something wrong. Things are not all right in our city we have some big issues facing us. As a taxpayer I want to make sure that things are done the right way calling them out for what they in my opinion should be or could be doing better I do not think is wrong.
    I think every council member should have a blog, and if not they could come here and they could have a page set up for each one of them. I could not agree with you more, and I love what you had to say about our council they do “keep the loose ends intact”, and yes they do deserve our respect. So do each and everyone of the residents of the city we can show them that respect by letting them speak out ask questions, and demand answers. We can respect them by doing better for them, by doing something as simple as telling them the truth.


  6. I am surprized. I shouldn’t be, but I am. My father, husband, and uncles (etc) fought for the privileges and freedoms that we all enjoy today.
    I can’t believe attorneys have been brought in to stop some little blog, one individual who wants to stand up and be counted, and others who have something to say and an avenue to say it.
    I have watched events unfold on the city council programs. The people have a right to speak, even if it is but 3 minutes, we have the right to speak in this forum.
    I am sick and tired of reading, watching, or listening to all the lawsuits that have been brought against the city and our mayor. I would like to have someone delve into these events a lot more. I would also like to know how much of my taxes have been spent on his attorney fees. I want to know what is happening that is upsetting the attorneys and whom they represent. No gossip, just the facts.
    I have read about the NSP, I have watched how the events surrounding the program have unfolded, and I have also read the rules. If the Federal Government ever steps into Dearborn Heights and sees all the wrongs that our administration is guilty of, my guess would be that along with losing the Federal funds, some body is going to jail.
    I have watched the mayor tell complainers to just come on down to his office, like the spider inviting a fly.
    Any one in the position of Mayor should not be walking out, yelling, or using other ways to intimidate the offenders. His attempts at being intimidating are lost on his department heads. A lot of people have seen him in action, and we are not afraid.
    If you don’t think our administration is acting out of character, watch other city council meetings. For example, compare how Westland’s Mayor shows his character at his recorded meetings. Look around. We don’t deserve this type of representation.
    We have a sound, knowledgable, and considerate city council. We depend on them to keep the loose ends intact, and they deserve our respect.
    We should all stand up and be counted, and be proud of our city and our representatives.
    I, for one, am glad to have a chance to speak up, stand up, and be an active part of my city. Oh, and it doesn’t take courage to dial up the attorney. I would just hope he won’t be billing for that conversation… about easy money!
    Special thanks to the bloggers!


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