Three are charged in attacks by Pit Bulls.

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DEARBORN HEIGHTS — Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy has charged Geoffrey Moore, 37, of Westland; and Eugene Runco, 51 and Laura Langston, 37, both of Dearborn Heights in connection with deadly attacks upon three individuals caused by their pit bull terrier dogs.

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10 thoughts on “Three are charged in attacks by Pit Bulls.”

  1. Thanks again Kathy.

    Maybe you could look into this some more and do a story on it.

    I think if someone followed all the procedures and was left out, then we need to know that so we can speak out to fix it.

    But I, and I’m sure others, like to have all the facts in hand before getting into something. Let’s get all the details out into the open please. Thanks.


  2. Anonymous

    I am not saying that at all I am just repeating what every other resident heard the man say. I did not hear anyone from the administration reply to what he was saying as false. Just going with the information that is available to all of us.


  3. Kathy, Thanks for the background on the contractor situation. So are you saying that he placed a complete bid, including all the alternates as requested, and was not considered?


  4. Anonymous

    Raising children while running my own business I have gotten very good at multitasking. I think if I made it to the city council I could make more then one issue my top priority. Public safety is always the number one concern of all elected political officials. I under stand the intent of the law, but the way it was written is horrible, the State law has loop holes big enough to drive a mac truck through. The State has left municipalities holding the bag trying to find a way to conform with the law. I think the State should be handling this if we are to have medical marijuana in the State let it be done in State run facilities. This is a discussion that I look forward to.

    The contractor complaining he did not get a job is a little more then just that there is 1.6 million dollars in federal money that when spent has to comply with State and Federal rules. The contractor was disqualified from the bidding process after doing what he was asked to do from the project manager. Rules and regulations must be followed when awarding someone a contract on this program this contractor contends they were not.


  5. Kathy,
    If on city council, would you make it your absolute #1 priority to go after these drug houses? And I mean push at every meeting, on every level until they are done and gone. I’m sure there are other items you’d like to attend to, but I’m sure you’d agree with me that our safety, ESPECIALLY that of our kids, takes precedence over the occasional contractor complaining he didn’t get a job.


  6. Anonymous,We h..a…d..a good city, The paper will not help, the city police can’t help, the city council push it to another week after week for a study session and the mayor, will… he just sits there with you know who worried if the $60,000 will be there for him next year. The growing and selling has been going on since May on Hopkins, and maybe longer at his other grow/dispencery RESIDENTIAL HOUSES in DBH. The only thing that may help is if people in DBH wake up, Don’t turn your back and hope someone else will fight this battle for you…. we need to stick together and take our city back.


  7. I hope someone informs the local TV news stations and newspapers of this. How many other children and seniors will have to be mauled before we can run these bumbs out of our good city?


  8. Yes he is the same Eugine Rumco, he is also the same that in may two of his Pit Bull chewed through a picket fence, dug a hole under a chine link fence and pulled a puppy through the fence and started to maul the poor thing. He was fined in court and one of his pit bulls was put down. This was on Hopkins st. You know the marajuana grow house/dispencery the one who is running a business in a residential area. The houses on each side of them have kids. cars come all hours of the night beeping their horn for their “goods” or should i say their meds. He has an network of worker.


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