Pit Bulls The Dog With The Worse Reputation In Town…

Second dogs first smile. Happy Pit Bull.
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Like so many people, Pit Bulls petrify me until I started to watch the show the Dog Whisperer, and a Pit Bull named Daddy. Daddy was a full breed Pit Bull belonging to Cesar Millan  the host of the show. If  ever an example of a Pit Bull that was happy, and balanced it would be this dog. Having said that not every dog owner is Cesar Millan, this breed of dog that needs a lot of work not everybody is capable of owning one, most should not. Here in Dearborn Heights there has been two separate Pit Bull attacks in both cases, the dogs got out from the owners back yards.

Dearborn Heights police are investigating two separate pit bull attacks that injured three people. In both cases, police said they plan to seek charges against the owners of the dogs. 

Read more: Dearborn Heights police investigate pit bull attacks | freep.com | Detroit Free Press http://www.freep.com/article/20100927/NEWS02/100927019/1004/News02/3-hurt-in-pit-bull-attacks#ixzz11P7U7TAA

The city is now discussing the ban of this breed of dog from the city. That brings in to question what about Pit Bull owners all ready in the city.  Is the city going to ask these people to put down their dogs. Whether you like the breed or not I can not imagine that any of you would expect any owner of  a Pit Bull be asked to give it away or kill it in order to live in our city. With the recent attacks in the city, both happened when the dog got out of the back yard the dogs in both cases attacked unprovoked. Disturbing to say the least, so the debate will start again is it the breed or is it the dog owner?

(Pitbull dog is a result of a long process of selection in circumstances identical to the cicumstances of gladiator fights in Ancient Rome and pitbulls can rightfully claim to be victims of human cruelty. The original purpose was for them to fight wild beasts. In bull-baiting and bear-baiting fights, american pitbull terrier, together with the wild beasts, provided entertainment to crowds eager to enjoy the sight of death and torture.) Source: http://www.pitbull-apbt.com/
The city all ready has a very good ordinance in regards to Pitbulls, but is the ordinance enforced? Pitbulls are suppose to be chained in the yard with or with-out a fence. Well if they were chained they would have had no way to dig under a fence and get out of the yard in the first place. If you own a Pitbull you are suppose to register the dog with the city, and micro chip it. Well if no one notifies the city that a Pitbull is in their neighborhood how would the city know.  Something to think about.
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2 thoughts on “Pit Bulls The Dog With The Worse Reputation In Town…”

  1. I dont think its fair at all. being a owner of a blue pitbull that was the by far most friendly dog in our neighborhood i never had a problem. She acted how she was brought up, i spoiled & baby her and up till she caught inside parasites and died she never opened her mouth to attack anybody or anything. I would kill my dog to live in this city espically if i knew my baby wasnt going to be a problem. It’s the owners fault not the pets, if you bully your dog then of course it’s going to learn to fight for it’s life & live in fear that everyone is out to hurt him/her. Husky’s, German shepard’s, Poodle’s, & any other dog has the same ability to be vicious but unless they are mistreated they show no danger and are the most loveable friends a person could ask for.


  2. people also should watch Pit Boss on animal planet hey novel idea get shorty to come to the area and show people just what this breed can and will be . my sister had one and the thing was a mush head but it also was very protective of her and the kids it took a few visits for the dog to accept me but it was allowed to get used of me and all visitors so maybe that is some of the problem not enough socialization time


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