Looking for something shiny in muddied waters.

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Trying to understand just who is in charge of the NSP program, is like looking for some thing shiny in muddied water. The NSP program has been the subject of so many recent city council meetings, do you think we could at least get it straight who is in charge of this program. At the last few meetings when the NSP administrator has come under fire for the handling of the program, the Mayor in an attempt to deflect mounting criticism aimed at this person, has now been throwing people under the bus. This is becoming a regular thing. Deny deflect put the blame on others. The others that are getting the blame are the third party advisers hired  to help  with the NSP program. Ten percent of the grant money can be used for administering the grant. Blaming these third party consultants is easy to do. These companies are working for the city, and they can not say what the mayor is saying is not true. If they do they will not have their contract renewed to make matters worse the mayor is making these companies look like bumbling idiots, that do not know what they are doing. Its abundantly clear from the agreement that the city signed with MSHDA what the function is not of consultants. “MSHDA will not allow consultants and/or third party administrators to be designated to act on behalf of the governing body.” Source: City of Dearborn Heights

On the city web site, there can be no mistake who is in charge of the NSP program.

Dear Contractor:

The City of Dearborn Heights is requesting that your company submit a bid for work as specified for your specific trade at the above referenced property. The Bid Walkthru Date is listed below:

Thursday, August 19, 2010 @ 10am

The Project Bid Package is attached and prepared by the City of Dearborn

Heights. This is a mandatory walk thru for all participating contractors, as the property will be secured and no other access will be available after this date. One bid proposal package has been distributed to each respective contractor (via email) and all other pertinent information may be available at the project site and given to each contractor.

If you are unable to attend the Bid Walkthru, please contact our office. If there are any questions and/or concerns, please contact Krystina Kramarz, NSP Project Manager immediately at 313-791-3490.


Krystina Kramarz

Assistant to the Mayor

City of Dearborn Heights
CITY OF DEARBORN HEIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD STABILIZATION PROGRAM .., http://www.egovlink.com/public_documents300/dearbornheights/published_documents/NSP/Bid%20Packet%20-%204160%20Lincoln.pdf (accessed September 22, 2010).

There is no mention here of Sara or Jason, no contact information for either of them. The mayor stated in the last city council meeting that Mr. Oseili was talking to the wrong person (  the program manager.) He should be talking to either Sara or Jason, his words not mine. At one city council meeting in the past month councilwoman Horvath stated, “why don’t we give the NSP program back to where it was born?) The NSP grant was applied for from the Community and Economic Development Department. The state awarded the grant to the city based on the record of the CED department and their success with rehabbing homes under the CDBG grant. The mayor pulled the NSP grant from the Community and Economic Development Department in March of 2009. He moved the administration of the grant to his office, from what is up on the city web site, he put his assistant in charge. A year later here we are not even able to understand who is administering this grant, who is the program manager, who is responsible?

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1 thought on “Looking for something shiny in muddied waters.”

  1. why oh why was it put in some other department ,that is the big elephant in our city .Also why is it that anyone who questions our elected representatives ie:employees ,of our city do we have to fear by way of legal actions of a subversive nature they are our rep’s not the other way around, like it was said at one council meeting stay in your office go for a nice meal or shut up and say nothing. For the person who started this blog I know I will not be seen but this is my feelings and good luck in your career as a future city council person you get to help make this a city with a future.


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