Who is Responsible?

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Some angry voices out here, tonight talking with some people found out just how angry some are with the city council. They just do not know why they the council voted yes on the bid that came before them. Even when Hassane Oseili told them that it was not advertised the proper way. Even after he told them he could not find it, that it was not put on Bidnet. Even after he told them that the administrator of the NSP told him he would be added to the email list, and was not.  Should the council be blamed for voting yes on this only after they asked if voting “no” would jeopardize the entire grant? Yes, by voting no  on the bid they would jeopardize the grant funds. Is it  the responsibility of the council to administer the grant, or is that the job of the administration?
Who is to blame for what happened to Mr. Oseili? The council, unaware of the fact that this man called emailed, and assured that he would be notified the next time a house came up for bid. Should the blame be laid at the feet of the NSP administrator.   Sara nor Jason  third party administrators are not the one’s responsible for the NSP program. The name  on the city website under NSP are not that of Sara or Jason. Should they have stopped it? That is not for me to say. What  I did notice, watch the council meeting no one wanted to bring the motion. Finally, councilwoman Agius brought the motion. Then no one wanted to seconded it, so councilman Pilot seconded it. In the end, they all the council members voted in favor of the  companies.

I would think at this time the council is particularly concerned about money  spent from the general fund over $600,000.00 to date. Council members worried about that money  coming back. I get the impression that they do not want to do anything that will jeopardize those monies coming back to the city. Are their hands tied in some ways? Yes, they may know that there are things wrong, but are unable to act upon them ever weary that they could cause the loss of all the funds coming back to the city.  In the end, they have to do what they think is best for the city but is it? Why not call out publicly when something is wrong? Maybe they should, not having sat in on the conversation between whom ever administers the NSP grant and Mr. Oseili I could not say. For sure there are some serious questions  raised, and they need answers.

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