Final Invoice, and Nothing to Show for it…

At the last City Council meeting (ccm) a invoice came before the council for its approval. This invoice was the final payment for the New Recreation Center Plans. Now your all wondering what new recreation center? That would be the shovel ready project that we spent $153,721.40 on. This invoice was for $6,825.00 the total paid to this company  $136,500.00. TMP Architecture who made the plans for our shovel ready project That project was to be the new recreation center we had to spend the money right away in-order to get Federal Stimulus Money. Well we did not get one penny of the Stimulus money from the federal government. Councilwoman Horvath has referenced this shovel ready project several times in the past couple of months. Councilwoman Horvath referred to this because she is concerned that this will happen to us again with the NSP program. We did get the plans for the new recreation center, and I suppose you can make the argument that these can be used if we ever decide to build the new recreation center.

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