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My experience with a recount

a recount was asked for by Robert Yarhmatter after the primary election because there were only three votes separating us. Under election law, he can ask for recount that is his right. With three votes only separating us it was the right call on his part I would have done the same thing.

So, what happens at the recount?

Well the county comes in with a team of people two supervisors, and a lawyer and a team of people that pair up two per table to look at each, and every ballot.  As the candidate you are allowed two people for each table to be your challengers, and an attorney if you want one the attorney can be a challenger all so. They explain every thing at the start (the rules.)

Some of these rules are:

1. Nothing on the table, no water bottles papers, pens nothing what so ever.

2. You cannot touch the ballot under any circumstance.

3. If the person at the table representing you has a challenge, (your challenger) they have to challenge the ballot before it is placed in the pile.

There are more rules, but that is just to give you an idea of what is taking place. Each table has each candidate name on a piece of paper taped to the table, and a paper taped on the table for the other vote.

Each member of a candidate’s team must sign in and that candidates name is on a tag with a colored dot on the nametag representing him or her. When your challenger sits at the table they sit at the chair in front of the paper taped to the table with your name. A canvas bag that is locked is brought out from a locked room to each table a tag is on the bag with the precinct number and how many votes were cast. A piece of paper is given to the county team sitting at the table with the precinct number of total voters, and the number of votes that each candidate got.

The lawyer and two supervisors then break the seal; a book is taken out of the bag the numbers are again read aloud for the whole room to hear. The ballots are handed over to the county team members, they count each ballot, and the total of ballots has to be the same as what is written in the book. When the numbers match, they will announce that the precinct is ok to count.  One will hold up the ballot say the name of the candidate that the vote was cast for; it is then passed to the other team member that then places it on that candidates pile. After the whole pile is gone through then they take each candidates pile and count the ballots by hand they then compare the number to the number on the paper that they were given that candidate either gained, lost, or stayed the same. The team each one from the county at the table has to initial the results. Everything is put back, and it is resealed, and they bring another precinct over to the table to count, and it goes the same at each table.

I want to say that Judy our city clerk and her team did one hell of a job I thank each one of them. They are a very professional hard working group of people who take their jobs seriously.  Every member of the county team was efficient, and polite, experienced every rule is followed to the letter no exception. All the counting was done the same day, and the next day the canvassing board came in convened a meeting all of us signed into that meeting again gave our names to the stenographer and they announced the results the election is certified, and it’s over.

It was a great learning experience and one I walked away with learning a great deal from, and gaining a great deal of appreciation for our system. What a great look into how our elections are run, and the safe guards that are used to insure that each vote is accounted for.

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