Just One!!

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Well the recount is over at around 4:30 this afternoon it was certified and I WON by ONE VOTE. All it takes is one so remember when you say it does not make a difference or that your vote does not matter it does every vote matters. So on to November with all your help I will make it November 2 that is the day.

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4 thoughts on “Just One!!”

  1. Kathy, I wish you the best of luck in November. The City Council definately needs help against the Paletko Regime. I keep waiting for him to take his shoe off and bang it on the table like they use to in the 60’s. Those are all attention tactics to keep you from focusing on the main issue. He more than welcomes you to his private office where no one will hear your concerns. When you attend a city council meeting everyone hears your concerns and you are not alone.


  2. Awesome!! This town is soooooo in need of change. That whole “regime” needs to be replaced! Congratulations!! I’ll be there in November!!!!!


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