Motion to suspend spending on the NSP program

Councilwoman Horvath brought a motion before the council  8-24-2010 to suspend the spending of money on the NSP program. The reason why because the city has waited 4 weeks to get this large amount paid back to us ($500,000.00) what we have been told would be coming back, but that did not come to be. From what I understand there is a lot of paper work that has to be sent in when you submit for a DrawDown on the OPAL system the paper work according to (Sara) from McKenna the cites third party administer of the grant is the responsibility of the administration. She (Sara) has been working on getting the paper work that the State wants for the past 6-8 weeks; she said that we could get money before the project is finished when you put in for a progress payment, only if you submit all the necessary corresponding paper work.  Contrary to what the Mayor has been saying to all of us for the past 4 weeks, but the Mayor did say that he does not know anything about the NSP grant, and has never read it. He said that they rely on our consultant to take care of all of this, but Sara from the consultant company we hired said that this is not their responsibility it is the sole responsibility of the administration to make sure that this is done right, and the paper work is turned in the way it should be. Councilwoman Horvath said that the administration is responsible, and the administration put Krystina Kramarz in charge of the program, and she is the assistant to the Mayor.

The Mayor was quick to come to the defense of Krystina Kramarz against the personal attack or what he perceived to be an attack of Krystina by Sara our consultant. What else is new you say one thing against him or her and you are attacking them, not just pointing out facts, not just clarifying for the council whom I might add asked the question in the first place. Excuse me, but was Sara to lie for you and your assistant Mr. Mayor? Should she have fallen on the sword like someone else has for you to make sure that the truth does not come out. She was stating facts, and telling everyone how the NSP works I do not understand how that constitutes an “Attack” oh that’s right if you question just question anything that this administration does you are “Attacking.” Sara then went on to say when asked how long it will take to get all the paper work they (The State) are asking for? Two weeks if all the paper work I need is given over to me, she works on this everyday, and has made this her priority.

The Mayor then went on to tell all of us that he thinks our CD specialist has it in for us because the Mayor went over their head and got the Governor involved so that is why this is happening to us. One thing is for sure it is a new program that is developing all the time the State has added many things to this program,. I’m sure that the person who is in charge of this program for our city has the responsibility to keep themselves up to date on any, and all changes that are made to the program. The motion did not pass, and councilwoman Horvath suggested that the program be moved back to the Community and Economic Development Department ASAP from where it originated.


1 thought on “Motion to suspend spending on the NSP program”

  1. The Mayor put his assistant Krissy Kramarz (with only a high school dilpoma) in charge of a multimillion dollar federal program and he is wondering why we have so many problems???!!! The fact that she is paid $60,000 a year (with taxpayer money)as his assistant is bad enough, but putting her in charge of this program was wreckless and even after problem after problem he still defends her. I also noticed she wasnt at the city council meeting to explain anything…she is the director of the program isnt she??? We almost lost the NSP money once because of Krissy’s incompitence and the mayor needs to remove her before any more damage is done. Sara is doing all the work now anyway so the mayor’s plan of making Krissy look like a compitent person has failed miserably.
    Wake up mayor before you are forced to resign over putting incompitent people in charge of serious issues and setting our city back financially. Put her back in your office, pay her $60,000 of our tax money, and have her get your coffee and answer phones if it makes you feel good because she sure isn’t capabe of doing much else.


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