Fenton House

Fenton House the house that we’ve all come to love so much, the house that most out here think to much money is going to be spent on to rehab. Well at the CCM of 8-24-10 it was on the discussion menu again, this time councilman Tom Berry said that he wanted to stop the rehab on the house, and demolish it. unfortunately the city did sign a contract with a company to rehab the house, and it doesn’t look like we would be able to get out of that with out ending up paying them some kind of settlement. That’s not all Sara our consultant on the NSP program said that she would have to see if we (the city) would even be able to do that without loosing our NSP grant. The house has been sent back to the administration to look into what they can do, if nothing can be done the house will be fixed, and put on the market for sale. It was pointed out that we are at the end of NSP1 and I think some changes will be taking shape for NSP2 in the way as to how a house will be approved for demolition or rehab.


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