Here is just a little something in the guide for NSP..

On page 20 of the MSHDA guide for the NSP you must put the following:

Required CDBG Bid Advertisement

Place the following paragraph in your advertisement for bids: This is a Federally Funded project. The Contractor and Subcontractors on this project must comply with HUD contract provisions 24CFR part 85.36(i), the Davis-Bacon Act, Nondiscrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Section 3 requirements, Anti-Kickback Act, Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act and Department of Labor Standards and Regulations as set forth in the Contract Bid Documents. This municipality is an equal opportunity employer, businesses owned by women or minorities are strongly encouraged to bid. If you are interested in reading the guidance you can click on the link below or go to the MSHDA Community Development and NSP

NSP1 PROGRAM GUIDANCE with Attachments and Samples

There are two bid packets on the city website for two new homes bought by the city from NSP grant, you can go to the city website under NSP to read the bid. According to the dates the bidding is closed on these homes now. I was under the impression that we (the city) were putting all of our bids on BidNet I’m not sure why this is being put up on our city website, how are the contractors that are signed up with BidNet going to know that there is even a job with the city to bid on? This is not advertised in our local papers to my knowledge there are no emails sent out nor is there an email list of potential contractors that get the news to go to the website, and look at the bid packet. After spending most of the day yesterday reading the guide on the MSHDA website, and just scratching the surface I’m convinced more than ever that this is a very complicated grant, someone with experience would be the logical choice to  administer this grant. I am sure that is why most municipalities have the person who handles the CDBG grant handling this one too. They are very similar in the way they are set up, some of the same rules, and guidelines used for both.


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