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Another new Business has opened in Dearborn Heights Greenland Fruit Market, very nice market with a wide verity of fruits and vegetables, let’s not forget all of the other smaller markets that have opened up here in Dearborn Heights all up, and down Ford Rd. Some other business that have opened up are, Golden Bakery, Hamidos, Golden Chicken,

Al Basha subs, Lava Java, Le Bonn Sweets, and I hope that there will be many more coming into our city.

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3 thoughts on “New Business”

  1. You are so right I was so sad to see Tri-Daly close down it was a big shock to so many of us I agree let’s all do what we can to make sure that all the businesses in Dearborn Heights stays here.


  2. And let’s not forget all the long-time city businesses too: Lona’s Pizza, Charles & Co., Little Caesar’s, Toarmina’s, Dynasty Chinese, Dynamic Cleaners, Victoria’s Bridal, and others. How sad many of us were to see Tri-Daly close down (not because their business was bad but because they were forced out by the landlord). Let’s do what we can to keep all our businesses in business!


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