Attendance may be required…

Under section 6.10. Discipline of our city charter it says:

The Council may require the attendance of the Mayor and that of any elective or appointive officer of the City for the purpose of securing from them any information upon the affairs of the City within their jurisdiction.

I bring this up because at the last city council meeting the mayor walked out, and took every department head with him. These are not your employees Mr. Mayor that you pay out of your personal bank account they are paid by, and work for the City Of Dearborn Heights. Paid for by the City’s residents, not you sir, and you have no right to interfere with the city council proceedings in the manner you did. It was disruptive and counterproductive to the business of the city, residents had questions. Questions that did not get answered because you had your department heads leave with you. Under what authority do you have to order people who have a job to do pick up, and leave a public meeting. Could someone please tell me where in our city charter it says that. What is next, just do not have them show up? Order all of them to stay away from the council meeting, is that the memo of the week. What would have been done to any of those department heads who did not want to leave who wanted to stay, and serve the public interest. These people are appointed by you Mr. Mayor yes, but that should not mean that their very jobs are threatened because they may not want to leave, and yes there was more than one that did not want to leave, but as I said felt if they did not they would be fired. I would ask our Council Chair to please make sure that this does not happen again, and please make sure that our Mayor is not going to make some kind of statement or interrupt the council meeting again. I think we all get it you’re a great man that has suffered. Thanks we got it.


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