The Report Is In.

The report from Plante Moran is in. The council approved months back to have Plante Moran do a study of the City of Dearborn Heights Information Technology Assessment. The council discussed this last night, but will have more meetings on this subject before they make a final discussion one thing is clear our city is far behind.  What it can and should be doing, and what it should be using in technology. One thing the report strongly recommends is the hiring of a full-time Technician to work directly for the city to handle maintenance and routine requests. The Mayor said that there is no money to do that, but if he needed to find the money for something he would, and the council can find the money for this. Having a full-time technician would, in the long run, save money as the report shows, and we would have someone full-time putting together a website that is useful to the residents.

Some other things the report recommends is the creation of an IT steering Committee, implement a formal IT governance structure, develop a more detailed IT strategic plan. There are so many other things that are in the plan, but our city needs a lot of work while other city’s around us smaller than us are advancing we are stuck in the mud. Councilwoman Horvath pointed out that the Mayor has to be excited about this, and show enthusiasm for the project. After all, he is the head of this city, and even if he is not tech savvy he should put his best face on this.  As far as Internet, Intranet, and E-Government the city is not accepting water or tax payments online. Some department staff mentioned an interest in accepting online payments for business and dog licenses, as well as voter registration. Just imagine maybe by this time next year we will be able to do so much more online. I would like to see city council meetings online, more events that take place in our city online, a page for each commission in the city on the city website, and agenda packs online.

It will be very interesting in the next few months to see how this is going to all play out.

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