1.2 Million Coming Into The City

At the last city council meeting the mayor informed all of us that the incinerator property looks like its been sold for 1.2 million. The land is being sold to a company in the film industry. The mayor says that we should not have the same problems as other municipalities have had because all we are doing is selling them a piece of land, and they will be paying taxes. After hearing all of what happened in Allen Park I’m glad to hear we are just selling them the property  Press and Guide did a story about it.


6 thoughts on “1.2 Million Coming Into The City”

  1. CuriousHeights

    The first time I heard about the county NSP project was at the Tuesday City Council meeting as a matter of fact at the three ccm before this commissioner Webb came and gave her “Report” to the council and us residents, and she never once made mention of it at any of those City Council Meetings. I’ve heard very good things about the person who is the head of this group he is a good man, an honest hard working man that is trying to do something good for the youth of this area. As far as NSP money going to fix flooding homes from what I understand from all of my reading, and endless questions to our council members is this. City NSP money can go to fix a home that has sustained structural damage from flooding if that house is in the area that NSP funds are applied to, and the home owners are of low or moderate income. From my understanding if the city has gotten an NSP grant they can not get NSP money from the county. NSP money can go to non profit organizations as it did here in Dearborn Heights to Vista Maria, and the Military Park Association, but I would ask that you call or email commissioner Webb at dwebb2013@wowway.com and ask her. You make a valid point about the money being used to fix homes the county was awarded $25.9 million in NSP funds you can see the rest of the numbers here

    If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.


  2. Magnus

    No she did not broker the deal he gave the credit to Ron Amen the Community and Economic director and Corporation Counsel but you never know he just might give her credit yet for it it’s still early.


  3. I’m sure the mayor will find some way to credit Krissy for this sale…let me guess she brokered the deal right???


  4. Kathy, what is your opinion on that county NSP project? You seem to keep up on all these topics.

    Do you agree with the county giving the one group all that $6.4 MILLION (plus the park land where it will be built)?

    Or, do you think that it would have been better spent fixing our current problems (vacant homes and especially the house flooding as mentioned by a previous poster on this site)? After all, isn’t that what NSP money is supposed to be used for?


  5. That is a county park the project is being done with county NSP money is it taxpayer money yes, but not coming from our 1.65 Million in NSP two different NSP funds.


  6. what about the wayne county property off warren freind said something about it from hearing on city council channel


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