More going out, and Nothing coming in

So what is at 5918 Fenton it’s a home that was bought through NSP funds. The City paid 31,000.00 and some change for the house, and hired a contractor to fix the house the cost for fixing this house was 68,000.00. From all I’ve heard the city has been “Had” Councilwoman Horvath and Councilman Berry both indicated that they are looking into this. Councilman Berry would like to know why the duct work was all replaced. I would like to know, as a taxpayer, why they had to take it down to the studs,  heat, and air condition, are fine new siding newer windows, and the  cement is fine and the roof is new. So if all of these things are fine then what is costing $68,000.00 to do? A professional contractor, who is a resident in the city, said it was a travesty and they over paid for the work done on this house. In this market it was said by a resident you should rip it down, cut the grass, and wait for the market to get better, and sell it.

The NSP program is a good program that is doing a great service for our city, but we need to get every penny we can out of the funds to buy as many run down homes as the city can to either fix, or demolish. This is not the first time the program has come under fire at council meetings. Councilwoman Horvath has discussed this at the last ccm (City Council Meeting.) At that time she had called to ask about what was happening with the money not being paid back to us. The city has paid out over $600,000.00 with only 48,000.00 coming back in to the city. At the last meeting councilwoman Horvath was told that the city would be getting $500,000.00 back in the next two weeks; she asked the treasurer if we received anything, he said very little maybe $1,000.00 that is it.  At last nights meeting Councilwoman Horvath also said that she found out that we all most lost the whole grant because there was no activity on the grant. The Governors office had to step in that is not what the mayor had said at the ccm before last nights council meeting when he said the Governors office had stepped in because it was not fair that we had to finish every project before we could get any money back from the grant. This is an undo burden to the city to keep paying, and not getting anything back.

Councilwoman Horvath wanted to send back a bill from Allen Brothers who submitted an invoice for services on the NSP program. While the other council members understood what she was saying they pointed out that they already did the work that the city asked them to do. Councilwoman Badalow said that maybe we should stop all expenses for the NSP do not spend any more money until we get our money back. Councilwoman Van Houten said that councilwoman Horvath should write a resolution and have it with her for the next council meeting, and if no funds are paid back to the city at that time that she submit her resolution to stop all further expenses for the NSP program. Let us hope we can get our money back from NSP before we start on NSP 2 read the public notice for NSP2.

There are many people who are very concerned with the way the NSP grant is being handled it’s a lot of money to have out there with very little coming in, and some are starting to wonder if we are going to get anything, I don’t think any of us are going to forget what happened to the shovel ready project the new recreation center. The mayor might like to say that councilwoman Horvath was comparing apples, and oranges when she brought up this subject I guess that all the people that I’ve talked to have said the same thing using the same reference are comparing apples, and oranges too.


3 thoughts on “More going out, and Nothing coming in”

  1. Who got the contract to renovate this house and why arent the bills associated with this work made public since it is taxpayer money?? I heard that there were bids on the work, but based on the cost ($68,000) I am concerned that we were overcharged for either material, labor, or both. I also have issues with the initial purchase cost of $31,000. Who inspected this house and approved it to be purchased for $31,000 only to then realize that it had to be tore down to the studs??? Sounds like this money is being misused and the whole program is being run improperly. This money ($1.65 million) could be put to a lot of good and really make a difference in our city, but at $100,000 a house ($31,000 + $68,000 = $100,000) we will only be able to do 16 houses and that is unacceptable.


  2. Speaking of NSP money, I am outraged that Wayne County is giving $6.4 MILLION of NSP money to an outside organization to build a basketball center, on public park land in Dearborn Heights (which the county is giving to them too), when that money could be better spent fixing our flooding problems.

    Our city council just passed a resolution supporting this project. Where is a resolution telling Wayne County to help fix the flooding? Or to cut their grass like they’re supposed to? I’m sure the $6.4 MILLION could do a lot to help our residents who have a lake in their basements every time it rains. But it’s obvious that the county doesn’t care about us.

    Is NSP money really meant to be given to outside “charities”??? Of course not…it’s supposed to be used to fix our homes and neighborhoods. What a shame on the county and those who supported this obvious fleecing of public money!


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