Mayor Walks out of Council Meeting.

At the August 10th 2010 council meeting the mayor walked out with his whole administration every department head when he asked them to, when Zouher Abdel-Hak got up to talk,  several people had talked about the property on 5918 Fenton. This is a home that was bought for 38,000.00, and rehabbed for 68,000.00 dollars. The money came from NSP grant funds these are federal funds. When Mr. Abdel-Hak got up to talk the mayor said Mr. Chair I am a good Christian, and I have turned the other cheek, but all the accusations, and fliers, that are going around and he upset Ronny this past week when he called my office. You will have to watch the whole council meeting because he did not make any sense whatsoever when he was talking. I will not sit and listen to anything that Zouher Abdel-Hak has to say. With that he got up he then turned to his department heads and said department heads, and they all left. Zouher was outraged shouted after the mayor shame on you Mr. Mayor, shame on you everyone was shocked and did not know what to make of it several people where laughing at the mayor, and made some remarks about how unprofessional the mayor is.

So this is what we have gotten to when he’s had enough of his taxpayers asking how their money is spent just stands and leaves. Who is next, Maybe it will be Rose next because he doesn’t want to listen to what she has to say. Maybe he will get tired of her talking about act 345, Or will it be Robert who has spoken several times about the DROP program Or will it be Ray Muscat he walks out on next because he can’t stand to hear him talk about the flooding issue in our city. Or it could be anyone of you who wants to ask a question, say anything that is against him, we are not allowed. What is even worse then the walking out was a woman who asked a question after his big moment, and there was not one department head there to answer the question.

It was a disgraceful display very unprofessional and not worthy of the office of the mayor, you are not a little kid who can pick up his toys and leave the sand box because he is not happy with a resident’s question. If you have a problem that you have created for yourself that is not the fault of me, Zouher or any other resident in this city. What ever you are trying to refer to or imply has nothing to do with us we are concerned about how the city is being run, if our interest as taxpayers are being looked after and making sure that we the residents have a say in what is happening in our city. Whatever other things you have going on in your life is not our fault take it up with the people that have created these things for you. We for year’s mayor supported you believed you and thought you an honorable man it is to my greatest disappointment that you have shown the kind of man you are.


20 thoughts on “Mayor Walks out of Council Meeting.”

  1. Bedema

    I answered you I asked you to give the evidence that you have to what you are claiming I told you unless you come forward, and give your real name, address, and phone number where that individuals lawyer can contact you I will not put up those allegations without something besides what you are saying to back them up. I will not open myself up for a lawsuit, I have kept my comments up here for everyone to read my response, I did post in that comment that unless you are willing to come forward with what the smear campaign is about, and the evidence you have proving that me, and my husband are behind it that I will not post one more comment from you on that subject matter. The truth as you know it is not the same as I do, as I said before stand behind you allegations with your name, and evidence or do not bother writing here anymore. This is not going anywhere I would be more than happy to put up what evidence you have, friend or no friend if you have something to back it up send it over to me with your contact information, and it will be posted on the blog.


  2. Anonymous

    The $657,000 was for expenses for buying properties, and fixing them we have not gotten money back from any of them yet. The last few council meetings councilwoman Horvath has indicated that she has been in contact with them to find out what is going on. I hope we get every penny back so much money out of pocket right now, and nothing since last December coming back in.

    If a law has been broken then they should give out a ticket my whole point is, this program was not here with the other administration having police officers work overtime and they give out so many tickets in the four hours they are working that over time. The extra revenue generated from this program was not available to the previous mayor, and the program it’s self is controversial. In some areas where there has been a problem with speeding on residential streets this has helped no doubt about that at all.


  3. What was the $657,000 for?

    Btw: regardless of how much we may not like getting ticketed by police, the fact is that if you go through a stop sign without stopping you broke the law. If you drive faster than the posted speed limit you broke the law. I don’t like it, but if we start to make exceptions, then why not ignore when people don’t pay all their taxes or things like that?


  4. Bedema

    I read the interview saw that there was a mistake called and told them, that mistake was from them not from me you can call, and ask them for yourself. I would never ever try to make the residents of this city believe that my business is in this city when it is not, there is no reason to do such a thing. As to the next part of your comment that you can see I took out, and no not because the kitchen is to hot I’ve been in the kitchen for the past year where have you been? I took it out for these reasons

    1. I will not open myself up for a lawsuit unless you are willing to give your name true name address and phone number along with what ever information (documents, testimony, affidavit) or anything else you have as hard proof to back what you are saying up I will not put it up here.

    2. To say something that I truly do not know to be true I can not put up or say it’s so, I do not know that what you are saying to be a fact this is the first time I’m hearing it.

    If true then our mayor has a lot to answer for why didn’t the mayor do a back ground check, that is his responsibility why would he leave us all wide open to this? It’s not up to you or me or anyone else who lives in the city to make sure that these kinds of things don’t happen.
    As to the silent smear campaign against the mayor. I understand that you think me, and my husband are behind this, but as I said before what is it? you have yet to tell all of us what this smear campaign is so with out telling us what you are referring to we can not answer to it, it’s very hard to answer to something you are being accused of with out knowing what that something is.

    Again I will ask you to please tell all of us what they heck you are talking about put it up here, and let us know what it’s all about I’ve asked around no one understands what you are talking about nobody has heard anything. Did you ever stop to think that this is something that someone is just making up to start some nonsense in our city, as I said before we are looking into somethings that we heard, but I have never put that up here because I do not know it to be a fact when, and if I do I will then decide if I will put it up here or not until then I will remain silent. If you are un-willing to email the evidence you have that we are behind this (silent smear campaign) then do not write about it anymore, this will be the last time I will put up a comment regarding this (Smear Campaign) unless you are going to come forward with what it is about, and the evidence showing that me, and my husband are behind it.

    Now as to the great job the mayor is doing I do not forget what the previous mayor stated, but I would all so like to point out to you that our previous mayor did not have the traffic ticket-overtime policy that this mayor has brought to our city on the 8-10-2010 city council meeting our deputy chief of police stated that so far this year there are 37,000 tickets written up at an average of $130.00 a ticket for impeding traffic then you do the math. With an extra 3-4 million coming into the city ya he sure did find money from us it’s another form of taxation without even knowing it. Before you say anything we talked about this a couple of years back in front of the city council long before all of this other stuff started so no this is nothing new he just brought it to us if that stopped tomorrow he would not be any better off than any other city.

    If your so intent on showing what a great job the mayor is doing why are you not talking about the fact that we are out right now $657,000.00 of taxpayer money that is from the general fund, why are we not getting it back this money is suppose to be flowing coming in, and going out not coming to a complete stop. What about $68,000.00 spent on fixing a house that the city bought for $31,000.00 what is so great about that? Or can we not talk about those things sorry is that part of the smear campaign? You can not sit, and tell me that you think that house on Fenton is a good thing can you? are you going to stand behind even that because I do not know of one person that thinks that was a great job done, if you do then you hold no creditability what so ever.

    I would ask you to please not proceed to lecture me on this being a public forum I am the only one who has put my name on here, I’m the only one who has not hid behind anything, I put my neck out there what about you willing to put your neck out there? One thing I will all ways say you are free to have your opinion, and so am I.


  5. Ok Kathy, The Arab American News from 7-30-10 your interview states the you are the co-owner of N.J. Diamonds in Dearborn Heights. Anybody who does a story/interview for a newspaper gets that paper and reads the story. I can’t believe that you did not catch this so called error, or maybe it is not and you want people to think that since you are running for office.
    Yes FOIA is out there and you can get information if anyone wants to. I find it hard to believe that you would not print my other comment,this is a PUBLIC forum that you started and if you can’t handle it shut it down!!
    Again I sincerely believe that you and your husband are behind this smear campaign against the mayor. I think the citizens of Dearborn Heights remember our previous mayor who stated that the city was broke and would soon be in receivership just like Highland Park and Hamtramck. She left and this mayor was asked to take over and fix the city. This mayor has done just that. Many, many cities around us have laid off police and fireman, DPW workers clerical help and so on. This mayor has kept everyone employed and found money that the previous administration couldn’t. This mayor is doing a fine job! remember this is a PUBLIC forum and if you can’t handle the heat that leave the kitchen.


  6. I never said that my business is located in Dearborn Heights in any interview that I did if they wrote that I did not say it, as far as moving out of the city if all of us who live here moved because we do not like what the mayor is doing the city would be half the population. I asked before could you or someone please tell all of us about this smear campaign is it a silent smear campaign I thought a campaign should be public I don’t see it on the TV or on the radio nothing in a news paper so what in the hell is the smear campaign? So far all that I’ve heard is rumor, are we trying to find out if what we’ve heard is true yes we are I asked before, and will ask again what is this big smear campaign, and unless you are willing to come on here and tell us all just what me, and my husband have done to smear this mayor of ours then please do not say it again, it is utter ridiculous to come and accuse people of doing something that you are not even willing to say what it is. Is it a smear campaign to ask the mayor to get remove someone he hired illegally is it a smear campaign to expect our mayor to fallow our city charter? Is it a smear campaign to ask the mayor to obey the law state, and federal? He is not above the law. Sorry if you consider those things a smear campaign you do not understand the definition of the word, not one thing we have said or wrote is a lie about our mayor and every thing we have said we can back up with documents, he even said he hired that person the wrong way the closest we are ever going to get to him admitting he did something wrong. I guess the council members that do not agree with him, and are questioning what hes done should put their house up for sale too, oh and let me guess they are all so running a silent smear campaign. So do all of us a favor say what you are referring to back it up or please do not write here any more, there is no time for this we have some serious issues in this city and I hope to be a part of finding a solution to them.

    As to the other comment you wrote, I could not put that up here or even say that because I have no knowledge of that I have never ever heard what you are saying. If you could let me know the other two places I would appreciate that because from all that I understand what you are saying is inaccurate. If you have been coming to this blog you know I will put it up if it’s the truth, and I would say yes to it if I knew it to be true but I do not if you know that for a fact please let me know. To all of you who are reading this last part I’m sorry, but bedema understands what I’m saying, and asking.


  7. Everyone sees that you and your husband are behind the smear campaign. If you don’t like what is going on in this city so much you should put a for sale sign in front of your house and move!! Also, I read the Arab American News where you stated that you have a business in Dearborn Heights. Dearborn where your business is located and Dearborn Heights are two different cities. Who is not telling the truth??


  8. CuriousHeights

    I love when I hear that people are talking and asking questions discussion is a good thing I did ask the question today the answer I got was I can not talk about my case you know that, and if you want to know anything then talk to my lawyer. Your right it is a yes or no question so I will answer to my knowledge no he has never filed a lawsuit against a previous employer that is to say in all the years I have known this man, and his wife I have never heard them mention anything on those lines. Keep talking, and keep asking question I try my best to answer questions when they come in here as best I can it is good that we have this blog to discuss things on your right as much as it drives certain people crazy but shining the light on issues in our city is not a bad thing. If you have been coming here you can see that even comments that are not favorable to me or this blog get up as long as they are truthful all opinions are welcome here.


  9. Wow– I didn’t expect so much discussion from people on my little question. It was just something a few of us talking in the neighborhood were wondering — like a yes or a no kind of question. It’s good to see a place where people can discuss these things!

    It’s not because we heard anything about it, but because we have noticed some of the claims discussed and it seems like something that should be explored for past behaviors. My experience has always been that people will be the same when they move from job to job, so some current issues may be better explained by past behaviors, if that is the case.

    If anyone else has discovered any past lawsuits please share that info with us on here. Again, just curious. Much appreciated.


  10. Anonymous

    I will ask him that question I have no idea if that would be related to the current lawsuit just wondering did you hear that he had sued before? You are right about one thing it is a mess, but I will ask if he tells me I will put it up here for you guys.


  11. I don’t think anyone would expect revealing confidential details on the current case, but can’t he tell you whether or not he sued previous employers? Or maybe that is all related to the current lawsuit? What a mess.


  12. Anonymous

    I would love to ask the source, but when he hired a lawyer from day one he told us that he can not discuss his case with us he has maintained that from that day until now. All information that we have we have got from public court documents, or by FOIA to the city. If you go to the federal building and give the name of the person you are asking about you can look at all the documents there for free or if you want a copy that will cost 0.10 a page. Hope this helps


  13. Hi Kathy,
    Since you seem close to the source, could you just ask him and let us know? Or maybe post a statement from him on here….or what info do we need to know to go look at the courthouses as you suggested? Thanks in advance for keeping us informed.


  14. CuriousHeights

    I thank you so much for coming to the blog and any question I can answer I will.

    I really do not know of any history of suing any former employers? I do not know of any pattern and to be honest I never even thought about it I’m sure if this person sued before it would be in Circuit Court or Federal Court please feel free to check about it, and let me know. In such situations you will always hear claims and counter claims, but it is up to us the taxpayers to seek the truth. I’m so happy that you and your neighbors are asking questions and following what is going on in our city the more people who ask questions and get involved the better it will be for our city.


  15. I’m curious– Does this former department head have a history of suing former employers? Kathy, do you know or can you let us know? I’d greatly appreciate whatever you can find out and inform us voters.

    I’ve been following that story in the press and online, and some of the claims he’s making (as well as his apparent behavior) seem to me like this is a pattern behavior.

    My neighbors and I have been talking about this and would like to know all the facts before passing judgment.


  16. Yes, we are friends with that former department head, and my husband and I considered the mayor a friend too at one time.

    The department head you are talking about was fired from his job because he insisted on following State and Federal Law and the Dearborn Heights City Charter when ordered to hire a new employee for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). In addition one of the alleged reasons for firing that the former director of the NSP program was his refusal to approve Federal funds for the repair of the heating system at Berwyn Senior Center when that demand was made by the City Administration even though it violated specific Federal government regulations precluding the use of Federal funds for the purpose the Administration demanded. The former department head has been also accused of not firing a civil service NSP employees that the Mayor demanded be fired because, the employee was performing well on the job and the former department head knew of no justification to base the firing of that employee. That employee has since been fired by the City of Dearborn Heights.

    If you really want to dig deeper into the Federal Court lawsuit, I suggest you visit the Federal District Court Clerk’s office on Fort St. in the Federal Building in downtown Detroit on the 5th floor and review the entire case documentation and filings that are open to the Public, at no charge.

    At any rate there are many other things going on in our city that should be looked at and the former employee’s case is in the court system and will be decided there. It is with great sadness that things turned out the way they did there is so much more to the story, but it would be way to long to write here, if you would like more information I would be more than happy to talk with you, you are right about one thing there are so many rumors going around in this town some I’ve heard over the past year are unbelievable that’s why we look into everything for ourselves to find the truth.


  17. Kathy,
    I recently heard a rumor that you and your husband Zouher are very close friends with a former city department head who is currently suing the city. In fact, I heard that you were even very strong supporters of the mayor until that department head was terminated for poor job performance (then after that you turned against the mayor). Is this true? or just another crazy rumor going around the city? I’m a little confused and I can see how others who hear this might be too. Thanks.


  18. The mayor is facing several lawsuits, and his appointment to run the N.S.P. (Krissy) is failing miserably. He is on the defensive because he is about to go down like Kwami did in Detroit. Some people like Zouher are just continuing to ask the questions that the Mayor doesnt want to answer.

    People always get defensive when they are guilty!


  19. Alarm Bell

    Thank you so much for coming to the blog I think it is a wonderful thing when people get involved, and ask questions. If I understand your question, you are asking me if I have any idea who is behind some smear campaign against the mayor. What smear campaign are you talking about? If the mayor has a smear campaign being brought against him personally I have no idea about that nor does my husband as a matter of fact my husband has filed a FOIA with the city to find out for ourselves if there is any truth to the rumors we have been hearing for over a month. Now if you know the nature of this smear campaign please let us all know, did he (the mayor) do all of this because a FOIA was filed to see if there is any truth to what we have been hearing fine then so be it. I agree with you this whole thing is repulsive, and beneath every resident of this city at any rate smear campaign or not. There are much more serious issues in this city to be worried about the misuse of potion misuse of power by certain people in this administration are but to name a couple.


  20. I would guess the reason he left had nothing to do with tough NSP questions, and more about the smear campaign being brought against him personally. You wouldn’t have any idea who would do such a repulsive thing, do you?


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