Counsel Hired for the Council

Months back the city council voted and agreed that they would start the search for their own attorney. Last night they vote 6 to 1 to hire their own counsel, they did not ask for this because they wanted to be special they asked because there are some serious issues that they are concerned about. They need to have their own lawyer that they could go to when, and if they needed a second opinion, and maybe just maybe since our mayor was kind enough to let us all know that the arbitration is not over with yet between the city, and the police department maybe they can ask this attorney to get the transcripts to see what has been going on in there.  Councilwoman Horvath said it best months back when she said it’s like mom and dad getting a divorce they can not have the same lawyer representing them.

Councilwoman Agius made a fuss over this saying that this was the first she heard about this, that is not true, they have discussed this at council meetings before, and they voted on it while she was there, so to make the statement for the camera that she did not know about it is not true. Not only that they get their packets in advance of the council meetings so if she would have taken the time to read her packet she would have seen what was there, I wish she would show so much outrage for all the lawsuits going on in the city right know, or outrage at our assistant mayor costing the city $4,500.00 in legal fees because of her and a former employee John Doe lawsuit. She doesn’t bat an eyelash at this, but she has the nerve to question the hiring of a lawyer for the council that includes her.


2 thoughts on “Counsel Hired for the Council”

  1. Your not the only one that I’ve heard that from, many people out here are wondering why she is even still there, she looks like she hates being there. I agree about the N.S.P. I hope we will get every penny back something to keep an eye on for sure.


  2. I think the city council member in question is guilty of grandstanding and is clearly on the Mayor and his assistant’s side on this. I have noticed that this particular council member (Agius) goes out of her way to side with the administration on most issues and never seems to ask questions that benefit the citizens. We dont need our council members to be “friends” to the Mayor and his assistant, we need the council to look out for what is best for the citizens and question the Mayor when needed. If more people knew what these lawsuits were about, and how things were being run in the mayors office, they would ask the Mayor to remove his assistant immediately and maybe even step down himself. We as citizens deserve more than what this administration and the mayors cronies (including Agius) are providing us.

    I hope everyone keeps an eye on this N.S.P. program and all the money involved, because the mayor has allowed his ( in my opinion unqualified) assistant to run this federal program and we stand to lose a great deal of grant money ($1.65 million) if it is not run properly. I know councilwoman Horvath is monitoring the money reimbursement closely, and to date we have only received $45,000 back 0f $600,000 spent…way to go Mayor…next time put someone qualified in charge please.


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