Never under estimate what can be done.

You should never under estimate what can be done, when people of the same mind set band together, and decide to do something. The more I walk door to door the more I hear, I never knew how fed up people are with the administration, and the council. I knew some were mad, but never did I imagine that I would hear what I’ve been hearing.

So many ask me what difference are you going to make? What can you possible get done he just will yell at you, and shut you up too. Never knew so many people watch the council meetings; I wish that more would go to them. Been in three neighborhoods that more than one door I knocked on talked of a recall several neighbors talking amongst one another. Even had someone send me a step by step guide on how to recall a city mayor. This administration surrounds them selves with a few, miss treats the rest, and ignores the residents it’s no wonder people are talking like this.


1 thought on “Never under estimate what can be done.”

  1. Everything you say is so true!!!!!!!!!!!! What I should say is everything you have been told by these people in our city is true . I am ready to start a recall campaign. Anything I say on this blog I will say to the mayor and the council. I am unhappy with all that is going on. The way councilwoman Agius spoke to one of our citizens and the mayor spoke was so rude they are supposed to be an example(I don’t think so) is this how you were taught to speak to people and were brought up this way, if so shame on you. I had someone watch the council meeting and they are from Dearborn and they were horrified at how this whole meeting was run. Enough of this —– all I can say is we need a change. Anything is better than this. Mr, Mayor please step down so that our city can be what it was before and even better, we need honesty. Thank you.


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