It’s A Matter Of Trust…

Watching the council meeting it comes off even worse than being there. Yelling is the new way to shut up taxpayers we are supposed to blindly trust that our mayor is looking out for our interests. How can we when all of us know that The mayor if he does not get this contract signed as is will fall short on the budget by 2 million, he said that his self at a council meeting, the budget was passed, but not the police contract. Therefore, the budget is not accurate in its current form

Now the council did turn down the contract 6 to 1, and I am sure they put together reasons for the mediator as to why they could not sign the contract in its current form. This is all fine, but what is not fine is what people said right after that no vote, the residents that I spoke with did not think for one minute that the mayor, or the assistant to the mayor were going to go into the arbitration representing the residents.

If the council would have obtained their own counsel before this they could have sent them in with the city attorney to make sure our interest looked after. Hearing that it’s for all intents and purposes Over was not a surprise at all, most of us knew that this would be done very quickly, and that it would come down in favor of the police department.

Just remember when the mayor starts to yell its his way of just trying to shut you up, that is how he does it when he’s backed in a corner he lashes out by yelling. So guys it’s done the increase from 5 to 7 years all of it, the only thing that is left to do is find out what the mayor did on our behalf did he fight for us or did he just make sure that the contract is left as is?

Transcripts from that arbitration are public record, taxpayers pay for the lawyer that was there on behalf of the city, and the contract is paid for by taxpayer money so it is all public information.


3 thoughts on “It’s A Matter Of Trust…”

  1. I think the Mayor knows he is in deep S***. He is so defensive and angry when certain topics come up (the Charter issue,Krissy, Tina, etc…) and he tries to defelect it by getting loud and yelling. I hope the truth will get out so this can end and we can all move forward…with or without Krissy and the Mayor in charge of our city.


  2. This war is not over yet. We must defend ourselves, if those we elect will not defend us. Power lies with the people. In this country we are suposed to be sovereign. We are the ones who have failed to insist that they respect us. I don’t know about you but I am tired of being ignored.


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