Hundereds of Phone Calls…

Last Friday city hall was inundated with hundreds of phone calls from angry residents asking why they did not get the amount of tax decrease they were supposed to get? While so many called not many showed up at the city council meeting, wonder why that is? Is it because they were given some kind of answer that satisfied them, what answer could that have been? Was it the same answer, the mayor tried to pass off last night when he had our city comptroller talk about the millage for sanitation, that millage that he tried to pass off as the sole reason for what happened. Why is it when our water and sewage bills go up no one sees the correlation with the fact that year after year the city is paying out in settlements for flood damage? This is all of our responsibility we all should ask, and go to council meetings. It’s the only way we are going to change things. Next time show up in the hundreds call by all means, but come to the council meetings, and let your voice be heard by everyone, things need to change in our city we can not keep doing business this way. Settle the claims, raise your rates, fall short on ACT 345 raise your taxes, spend money in hopes of getting money that never comes.


2 thoughts on “Hundereds of Phone Calls…”

  1. Act 345 is not being raised because there is a shortfall. It is being raised because the Mayor’s assistant negotiated the police contract and gave them a change to the DROP program. The Mayor did not fight for the taxpayer, he doesn’t care what the taxpayer thinks about an increase in their taxes. He knows he can do it and he does.


  2. Unfortunately, it is always a few who do the work. I would plead with the residents of Dearborn Heights to get involved. Should the council fail to act on the referendum I proposed to repeal P A 345 I will have to collect 4500 signatures of registered voters , which includes a safety margin, to place it on the ballot.

    If anyone is interested in helping, email me at or call 313-278-8383. Together we can make a difference. This is so that we can be ready to act if it is necessary.


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